– Totally wrong – VG

- Totally wrong - VG
Saint: Taylor Swift.

The Britpop legend claims that Swift doesn’t write her own songs, and that doesn’t make her happy. Albarn accuses the newspaper of “clickbait” with his statement.


He is in a longer interview with Los Angeles Times Damon Albarn (53)—with over 30 years of experience in best-selling bands like Gorillaz and Britpop Giants Blur—discredits one of the greatest artists of the modern era.

There he discusses songwriting with the journalist, and believes that contemporary songwriters place too much emphasis on image and vocal attitude. The reporter responds with Taylor Swift (32) as an example of the opposite.

– She doesn’t write her songs herself, says Albarn – at which point the reporter points out that she does, and that some songs she writes with others.

– It doesn’t count, Albarn thinks.

He adds that he does not want to spread the bad mood, but rather:

– I’m just saying there’s a big difference between a songwriter and a songwriter who writes with others.

– Harmful

Albarn asserts that a musical score can be good no matter what, and notes that an artist like jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald never wrote a song.

Billie Eilish and her music partner, her brother Phineas, also cite as examples of new artists who beat him better than Swift.

I believe in Swift: Damon Albarn.

The statements don’t fit well with Swift, who is shooting again from Twitter:

Damon Albarn, I liked you until I read this. I write all my songs. Swift points out that “taking your fast” is completely wrong and very harmful.

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– You don’t have to like my songs, but it’s too good that you’re trying to discredit my songwriting. Fabulous.

Swift Har another message in the store:

– note. I wrote this tweet myself, in case you were wondering.

Albarn answers Twitter It Totally Agrees with Swift.

– I had a conversation about songwriting and unfortunately it was shortened to “clickbait”. I beg your pardon unreservedly and unconditionally. The last thing I want is to discredit your songwriting. I hope you can understand.

Swift hasn’t heard more about her at the time of writing — but her fans, like Albarn’s rags-to-get-riches attempt, pull the “clickbait” card.

– It’s not a click-bait when it’s actually quoting something you said, someone points it out.

The issue also concerns a high political level. Among those who have thrown themselves into the debate is the next Chilean president, Gabriel Borek Font.

– Here in Chile you have a huge following who know that you write your own songs from the heart. Don’t take seriously guys who need to be insulted or lied to to get attention. Taylor writes A Hug from the South Twitter.

American band Eve6 notes that 25-year-old Blur’s song “Song 2” has a chorus that probably didn’t take much to write “Wooohooo.”

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