Here are Tesla’s new V4 chargers

Here are Tesla’s new V4 chargers

New chargers: Tesla V4 chargers in Gardermoen.

Make it easier for everyone:

From now on, you can charge with Tesla’s brand-new V4 chargers in Norway. The charging station in Gardermoen is equipped with chargers with a longer cable and a payment card.

End of trouble:

Build new chargers

This is what it looked like at the Tesla charging station in Gardermoen on Sunday: 20 new V4 charging columns have been installed, and they appear to be fully assembled.

There are barriers around charging poles, but it takes hours or days before you can charge from these poles.

But why are we writing about a charging operator getting 20 new chargers? There are thousands of charging stations all over Norway.

There are at least three reasons to write about Tesla’s new charging posts.

The most important thing is the cable, which is longer. This means that all electric cars can charge at Tesla’s charging center, without taking up additional charging space.

Bank card

Bank card: New chargers have a short-circuit option. Look under the charging gun.

Teslas have the charging port on the left side in the back. The new charging columns mean that both cars that have the charging port on the left side of the front, on the right side, or in the middle of the front, now have a long enough cable.

Ford, Audi, and Jaguar owners in particular have suffered from Tesla’s short charging cable.

● In addition, it would be possible Card paymentAnd not just through the app, as the authorities are now also requiring new charging stations.

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● New charging poles can also be charged with one Power up to 350 kW. It is not clear whether this is possible from the beginning. The poles will provide at least 250 kilowatts.

The V3 poles, which are now the most common at Tesla’s charging stations, charge at up to 250 kilowatts.

It will take some time before all Tesla charging stations get the new V4 charging columns. The replacement will be done gradually and at a slow pace.

Almost all of them are open

Look at the picture:

Here, Tesla cars are not charged at Tesla

Tesla has gradually opened most of its charging stations to non-Tesla companies. Two weeks ago, 14 other stations were opened.

This has led to a sharp increase in use by owners of other car brands.

You who don’t own a Tesla can charge Tesla at the same price as Tesla owners, if you buy a subscription for NOK 129 per month, or pay an additional fee of just over NOK per kilowatt-hour.

The Tesla owners club, TOCN, regularly checks prices at Tesla charging stations. Here’s their latest overview.

This is closed

Now only five of Tesla’s 112 charging stations are reserved for Tesla vehicles only. The five are:

  • spiderberg
  • Telemarksporten, Porsgrunn
  • Small sand
  • Haukas, Bergen
  • Linstrand, outside Trondheim

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