Morten Sandoy: – A complete error occurred before broadcasting

Morten Sandoy: - A complete error occurred before broadcasting

Morten Sandoy (58) They have been watching TV broadcast 2 for 30 years. Over the years, he brought the news to the channel, but also woke up at the crack of dawn to host the Good Morning Norway programme.

Through the TV route, Norwegians were able to view Sandøy from several different sides. Covering terrorism and “twerking” on national television are just some of what the TV profile has started — and has been praised for.

However, that’s not all viewers get. Behind the scenes, unexpected events happen all the time, but perhaps Sandøy’s history is a little notable.

Stools from head to toe

Reverse TV 2 Can the 58-year-old tell us about an incident that happened before he was supposed to read the 21 news. Before the broadcast, he dined, and felt so peaceful and out of danger when he suddenly started to break out in a cold sweat.

– Suddenly I felt that something was wrong, he tells the channel.

Then Sandoy realized he had to find a toilet. It soon became clear that the matter was urgent.

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– I got the pants halfway down my thighs and just said bang. There I stood, with excrement from my neck to my shoes, thinking: “What do I do now?” , he says.

At that time, it was not long after the broadcast, so the news presenter had to think quickly. Sandoy says he undressed and got rid of everything that should have been thrown away. Then he manages to sneak in, get a new suit and jump in the shower.

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– But I didn’t have panties, so I sat there on 21-Nyheten without panties and without socks in my shoes, he tells the channel.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Sandøy, who has nothing to say about the incident.

Open up about mental health

Most Norwegians are probably used to seeing Sandøy cover the news. However, in 2016, he stepped out of the news studio and To “Good morning Norway”. There you can see the hilarious Sandøy, who is also not afraid to show her sense of humor in the news studio.

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However, life in Sandøy was not only good moods and good days. This summer he lost his sister to cancer, just over two years after the disease was discovered.

Illness in the family associated with the epidemic made things difficult to manage. Part of the solution for Sandøy was conversations with a psychologist.

“I’ve always been skeptical about such things, but now I think more people should talk to a psychiatrist,” he said. VG.

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