«Mr. Gentlemen» – from Sørlandet to Sandefjord – VG

«Mr. Gentlemen» - from Sørlandet to Sandefjord - VG
From Sorndette to Sandy Gord: Last year, “Misterness Meister” was taped to Surland. Here’s behind the scenes of the final match.

NRK and the producers had been hoping to score the upcoming season of “Masters of the Masters” overseas. This is not how it went. Instead, it will be Sandefjord.


Thus, host Axel Lund Svendal and ten of this year’s co-hosts are in Vestfold already in May and June. Who will be unclear yet.

The decision that we should also record in Norway this year was made early this winter and before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, says NRK Project Manager Pia Pasberg.

It says NRK and “Master Mister” producer Nordisk Film TV conducted a comprehensive review of where the popular show was recorded.

Norway this year too: Pia Basberg, project manager at NRK, said it was hard to find a filming location in Norway that would fit a TV format like “Masters of the Masters.”

– Undoubtedly, it is easier for us to register the “Masters” abroad. Both in terms of production and the weather is more stable. Plus, viewers want sun and warmth when we show “Masters of the Masters” on TV in the winter, says Basberg.

She does not hide the fact that it is difficult to find a filming location in Norway that would suit a TV format like “Master of the Masters”.

– But we would also like to exploit the potential of “Masters of the Masters” recording in Norway.

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Pia Basberg says Nordisk Film TV, which produces the series for NRK, has done a fantastically thorough job mapping all possible alternatives to locations for the upcoming season.
There are a huge number of pieces that have to be in place to be able to pick a venue for such an extensive television production, says Basberg.

For the second time, Axel Lund Svendal hosted the former Alpine star and winner of the “Master of the Masters”. It was already ready in January of this year.

He continues: – I think I learned a lot about being a hostess, and how important it is to be inclusive to create a good atmosphere. Questions to ask with both care and commitment,” Aksel Lund Svindal told VG about the program manager job.

– Once too few. Axel Lund Svendal said in one: I’m glad about it Interview with VG First New Year’s Day.

Throughout the winter this year, “Masters of the Masters” has been the most watched program on Norwegian TV.

A total of 1,247,000 reached this year’s season finals Nils Jacob Hoff Which can decorate itself with the title of “Champion of Champions 2022”.

Who will travel to the Sandefjord to fight to become the “Heroes of Champions 2023” is not entirely clear yet.

– There are a number of formalities that haven’t been in place yet, but we think it’s going to be a very nice crew, says Pia Passberg.

last year Lars Buhenen withdrew just before registration He started after he was offered to become the coach of the elite club Sarpsborg. Thus, only nine participants fought to become Sauerland’s “Gentlemen’s Master”.

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– We’re not working with a backup slate this time either, says Pia Basberg.

The participant’s home is located in the municipality of Sandefjord, and the production team of about 45 people will be accommodated in the city. Work is in full swing to find suitable venues in and around the Sandefjord for the various competitions, in cooperation with the municipal forces.

In order to protect the production and development of the competition, no details about this will be published until the registration is complete.

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