Norway’s new energy service –

Norway’s new energy service

BritBox will launch next week.

‘Best British TV in one place’ is what we promise when we launch another new streaming service, ‘BritBox’, in this country on Thursday 28th April.

This gives Netflix, HBO Nordic, Viaplay, Apple TV+ and Paramount+ another contender.

Content from major British companies BBC and ITV will be at the heart of the new service. The service should be loaded with about 2,000 hours of entertainment at launch.

BritBox will offer a free trial period of one week, and will cost kr 89 per month or kr 699 for a year.

The main focus will be on British TV series covering the categories of Drama, Crime, Comedy, Documentary and Lifestyle.

– New original titles, as well as good TV classics, are a powerful combination that has contributed to BritBox having over 2.5 million subscribers. Millions of new Nordic fans now have access to the UK’s most popular entertainment names and stars, says Reema Sakan, President of BritBox International in connection with the Norwegian launch.

From launch, you will be able to “immerse” in popular series such as Peaky Blinders, Vera, The Office (UK), Midsomer Murders, Blackadder and Prime Suspect.

Many BritBox programs were previously watched on local channels such as BBC Brit, but BritBox promises to offer new and exclusive content.

The service plans new and exclusive series each month, and also highlights true crime dramas Stonehouse and The Thief, His Wife, and the Canoe.

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In the selection you’ll also find many traditional British murder mysteries, such as Sister Boniface Mysteries and period drama The Confessions of Frannie Langton.

We will also offer a wide range of popular UK dramas, such as Pride and Prejudice, and Brideshead Revisited remix in HD, says Neale Dennett at BritBox.

The service will be available on in the browser, as apps for Android and Apple phones as well as tablets, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung as well as LG smart TVs. You can also watch on TV 2 Play if you subscribe to this. AirPlay and Chromecast support should also be available.

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