February 4, 2023


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Musk tracks downturn in 2023 | Finansavisen

Each year, an American former investment capitalist and politician prepares an analysis of the changes he believes will occur in the following year. He is often used as an analyst and expert, as his predictions are often correct, just like Kapital predictions here at home in Norway.

to me Techcrunch He goes into detail about his thoughts on what awaits Elon Musk in 2023. One thing he’s pretty sure of, though, is that Twitter will cost a lot more than the $44 billion that Musk paid initially.

Buying Twitter was initially about one thing only:

– Musk did something we see through our zeitgeist with social media and 24/7 media coverage. He needs attention, can’t get enough, and does increasingly horrible things to succeed. Of Musk, Tusk says the main reason he bought Twitter was to get publicity.

Expensive business: Twitter could cost Musk $100 billion, venture capitalist Bradley Tusk predicts. Image: Bloomberg

Tesla value inflation

When it comes to Tesla’s market value for the next 12 months, Tusk highlights something that worries him:

Tesla’s value is much higher than that of Toyota and General Motors.

– There are companies that sell more cars than Tesla, and the difference between what Tesla should probably be valued for, and what it is valued for, is Elon Musk’s hype. He managed to create the impression that he was far from the future and better than the others. He’s managed to create this perception that what he’s doing is very innovative and unique, and that only he can do that. Tusk says he is attracting investment towards his companies, and says the biggest danger with Twitter is that Musk is putting his reputation at risk every time he does his own stunts.

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– If it doesn’t work out with Twitter, the question is whether it will blow the balloon for Tesla, SpaceX and all other projects. Musk paid Twitter $44 billion, but that could ultimately cost him $100 billion or more, if there is a risk that Tesla and SpaceX lose value due to exposure, he says.

  • This year, the share is down nearly 65 percent, from $352.26 (31/12-21).
  • Yesterday, the stock was down 36 percent in December ($194.70 as of 11/30).
  • It’s down 20 percent since last Thursday (closing at $157.67).
  • The all-time high is $414.50 on November 4, 2021 (closed at $409.97 that day). Then the share fell 70 percent from its peak.


It appears that Tusk is not alone in predicting a downward spiral for Elon Musk A questionnaire Conducted by Yale University. 79 percent of CEOs think Musk has become harmful to their business, 56 percent think companies should stop advertising on Twitter, and only 25 percent think Twitter will increase its value over the next five years.