Warrior priests of Putin exhort soldiers to jihad

Warrior priests of Putin exhort soldiers to jihad

Warrior priest Alexander Tsyganov prepares the Russian paratroopers for the attack. For jihad against Ukraine and the West.

Priest Mikhail Vasiliev loved to shoot. Preferably with guns. Together they went to the front in the fall.

The two warrior priests served in the squad accused of killing civilians in Potsja.

Now the “holy war” of the two priests is over. Both were killed at the front in November.

Alexander Tsyganov was given a grand funeral in his hometown of Pskov.

Even Putin’s confessor, Tikhon, turned around. He is one of the most powerful in the Russian Church.

The coffin was followed by his wife and four children. Then Alexander received one last kiss from Putin’s confessor.

Warrior priests try to maintain the morale of the Russian army. But can they do that?

Russian warrior priests tell the soldiers that they were martyred in a holy war. Although they committed massacres against civilians.

Military priests Alexander Tsyganov and Mikhail Vasiliev went to war with the Russian paratroopers of the 76th Pskov Airborne Division. To the jihad against the demonic West and Ukraine.

Soldiers from this very division were behind, among other things, the mass killings and rapes in Potsja.

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