Nevlunghavn, parking | Trond answers how tourists settle: – They occupy two places each

Nevlunghavn, parking |  Trond answers how tourists settle: – They occupy two places each

Every summer, travelers and visitors flock to the many gems around the municipality. Nevlunghavn is no exception.

In previous years, ØP has covered parking options for boat trailers and motorhomes and reported on the idyll at the far end of Brunnlanes. This summer, both motorhomes and caravans have restricted themselves in Nevlunghavn, especially in the Omrestranda car park.

– For the past week, there have been 10-15 caravans and motorhomes every day.

The above words are from Trond Ørnholt. He lives primarily in Oslo, but still spends a third of the year at the cabin in Brunnlands. Last week, he responded to the ever-increasing trend in car parking at Omrestranda in Nevlunghavn.

– There are always large motorhomes and caravans parked in the car park, and for several days at a time. There can only be so many of them, so it must have a certain infectious effect. When drivers see other motorhomes and caravans, they might think: “So we might as well park here”. Ørnholt says during a meeting with ØP.

Ørnholt widened his eyes when he noticed that there were no garbage bins or other possibilities for disposing of waste from large vehicles in the car park.

– On nice and sunny days, it’s twice the number it is now, Ørnholt continues.

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– In the car park there are not only Norwegian, but also Czech and German-registered cars.

Make an appointment

Hedvig Krogsbøl, head of the Nevlunghavn welfare association, believes they have negotiated with Larvik municipality and have an agreement:

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– This is not a new problem. We have experienced this many years ago. Due to this, the municipal administration has put up a board that allows parking of vehicles for a maximum of 72 hours only. Following this, the municipality has been asked to send parking attendants to take photographs and ensure that people do not park for more than 72 hours.

Krogspohl added that he welcomes all visitors and travelers to Nevlunghaven with large vehicles, but does not want them taking up the parking space of those who want to come there on short trips.

– As I understand, many motorhome owners have applications on their mobile phones where they can easily find the location of the nearest motorhome parking, concludes Krokspol.

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Routine tests

– We usually send traffic officers to Nevlunghaven to check the parking lots outside. Not daily tests, but on a regular basis.

Kristian Trankjaer, Department Manager for Roads and Transport at the municipality of Larvik, says: He insists that the municipality No There is an agreement with Nevlunghavn Velforening, but the current signs in the car park apply:

– Same problem as a few years ago. Signposts have been put up at the spot and traffic officials are checking regularly. Parking capacity is also not a challenge. If it’s not a good weather day, there are always free spots.

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