The passengers escaped from the plane

The passengers escaped from the plane

A WizzAir flight from Gdansk to Norwich Airport was stopped in Bodo on Thursday night to refuel.

Five of the passengers on the plane had put Bodo as the final stop for the trip, thus seeing the average for leaving the plane.

– Gazette Kalas, Operations Manager, Northland Police District, says the situation was inside the plane when it landed without permission.

The case was created

In the operations manager’s experience, the aircraft’s doors open when refueling – but it is forbidden to leave the aircraft before landing at its destination.

– This is due to the inability to handle the airport. Kalas says there is no reception system for the plane, and mentions customs officials as part of that system.

Police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. They are in control of five people who left the plane.

But before the plane could take off again, the police had to be called back.

Ask for help

– Before being allowed to take off from Bodo Airport, the captain asked for help in removing two new passengers who had behaved rudely on the plane, according to police in the Norland.

The operations manager says they have no information that there was any connection between the first group of five who were caught by the police and the other two.

It is not known what caused the noise.

– The police take care of them and they are brought to the police station. The first five were dismissed on the spot after a short investigation, Kalas said.

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All seven were reported to the police and could face fines or penalties.

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