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This article is over a month old and may contain old advice from authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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The weekly update came from the European Agency for Disease Control (ECDC) on Thursday.

The map is based on the number of infected people per 100,000 in the past 14 days in each country.

The government bases its travel restrictions in part on the ECDC infection map. Travel advice will be updated tomorrow Friday. The new rules apply from night until next Monday.

Below you can swipe up to see how the map has changed since last Thursday.

This is how the infection map has changed in the past week.


High infection rates in Europe

Figures from ECDC show that countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Greece still have very high levels of infection.

The most contagious on the French island of Corsica. There, 1,241 new cases were reported per 100,000 in the past 14 days.

  • Norway: The entire province of Viken has turned from green to orange. Nordland and Rogaland have the same thing.
  • Sweden: Norbuten and Vesterbuten go from orange to red. The Stockholm region remains red.
  • Lithuania: The areas around the capital, Vilnius, have turned from orange to red.
  • France: Only one area in the center of the country and it is orange in color. Otherwise, France is red, with darker red areas in the south.
  • Italy: The southern regions of Italy have acquired a darker color from orange to red.
  • Holland: The northern parts of the country are going from red to orange.

In Norway, 67 new cases of infection were recorded in the past 14 days, per 100,000 inhabitants.

High daily infection record in Finland

In Finland, there have been record high infection rates in recent weeks.

On Thursday, 1024 new infections were recorded in the country.

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, and the government have decided that children between the ages of 12 and 15 will get a coronary artery vaccine as soon as possible.


It is the largest number of infections recorded in a single day ever after the outbreak of the epidemic, he writes Reuters.

In the past two weeks, 129 new cases of infection were recorded for every 100,000 residents in the country, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Just weeks ago, Finland’s infection rates were among them lowest in the world, based on population.

The reason for the explosion of infection is the spread of the delta variable.

About 5.5 million people live in Finland. Almost half of them were fully vaccinated. Nearly 4 million vaccines have received a single dose. So far in the pandemic, 995 people have died of coronavirus in the country.

The numbers in the graph are the average of the numbers for the past seven days. Not accurate daily numbers.

Last week, the Finnish government, led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin, decided that it wanted children aged 12 to 15 to be vaccinated as soon as possible. This is to avoid schools having to close during the fall semester.

Limit values

The limits of green loss are related to the number of infected people per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.

One limit goes at 50 infected. Another limit goes to 75 patients. The reason there is a binomial is that the proportion of positive samples is also included in the evaluation.

If the result is positive over the past two weeks on average between 1 and 4 percent of samples, the country is green until it reaches 50 cases.

If the mean of the samples in the past 14 days is less than one percent, the green does not fade until the number of infected reaches 75.

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