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Coming to Norway now.

The distance we tried was from the office in Oslo to Bergen.

Now Google Maps will help you find eco-friendly routes and save fuel, as the company itself claims.

Instead of just finding the fastest route, Google Maps will now offer to find the most environmentally friendly route. The function appears as an option when you open the application itself, as it also shows how much fuel you are saving. In a press release, Google stated that the functionality will give you the opportunity to choose the path that optimizes fuel usage, thus saving you money and helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The job has already started rolling out in Europe, and it will be available in nearly 40 countries, including Norway.

For example, Google states that you should be able to save approximately 30 percent on fuel on the chosen route. You can decide what type of fuel to calculate, whether it’s petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid. Which route is the most fuel efficient route will naturally vary depending on the type of engine.

For example, diesel engines are often more efficient at higher speeds than gasoline engines, while hybrid or electric cars perform better in “intermittent traffic,” Google wrote in the press release.

On the other hand, the road that is said to be the most environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be the fastest one and thus one might have to envy spending a few extra minutes.

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We took a look at the new post, and couldn’t find a route that would allow us to save up to 30 percent, but the fastest route from Oslo to Bergen (thankfully) was the most environmentally friendly, with a fuel cut of 11% when using gasoline (12). when using electricity) compared to the alternative alternative. A short walk from the office in Oslo to Nittedal, it is estimated that a gasoline-powered car would be able to save 23 percent of fuel by choosing the most efficient route, not the fastest.

Google reports that eco-friendly roads have helped reduce more than half a ton of carbon dioxide — the equivalent of removing 100,000 petrol cars from the roads — since their launch in the United States, Canada and Germany.

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