June 25, 2022


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New HomePod on the road – ITavisen

Ming-Chi Kuo is on his way again.

Kuo says Apple’s new speaker is about six months away from its launch

This time he claims that a new HomePod will be launched late this year or early 2023. Unlike Mark Gurman, Kuo tweeted that “there might not be much innovation in hardware design.” This is the opposite of what was stated by Gurman, who claims that the company will launch a HomePod with a screen.

Kuo, like everyone else, believes that Apple is struggling to find a formula for success at home. We saw that this is mainly due to Siri still not working optimally even though Apple was first with a personal assistant. The term “AI” has been around for a long time.

Smart speakers are undoubtedly a core component of the home ecosystem, but I think Apple is still trying to figure out how to succeed in this market.

Ming Chi Kuo

The house should be filled with gadgets

The problem with Apple is that they usually charge more for products than others, with the small and cheap HomePod mini being one of the few exceptions.

In order to acquire a smart home, customers need to be able to shop for several units per room, without completely spoiling. Apple can do that, but more than Siri and mini are needed today.

On March 22 last year, we wrote the case “Apple’s Strategy Revealed – HomePod Released With Screen and Cameras”:

But now the picture is actually painted for a new Apple that also wants to be a part of the game, because in the same article as the HomePod mini-sensor Bloomberg mentioned that the company is working with smart speakers that have screens and cameras, just like Amazon Google products.

Is Apple moving into the security sector with its doorbell cameras, too? Either that, or they’re facilitating a platform where partners can more closely integrate their products into HomePod and iPhone. “

April 12 of the same year We followed it up with “Apple evaluates iPad on listener-following robotic arm and with integrated HomePod”:

Bloomberg reports that the company will be interested in a number of “home hub” solutions as the HomePod is integrated with the Apple TV, an upgraded version with a camera and microphone, to participate in the video conferencing market that has spread due to the Corona virus.

The company is also testing an iPad connected to a robotic arm that follows the user and has a built-in HomePod. This is not as strange as it seems, the already launched Amazon Echo Show 10 follows the user:

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