New study: People who drink more are healthier

New study: People who drink more are healthier

A new study in Germany has found that drinking a lot of things can be key to staying healthy and happy as an older person.

The British daily writes times.

The study was presented at a meeting of the European Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care (ESAIC).

I drank at least four nights a week

628 people with an average age of 72 participated in the six-month study.

All participants had to undergo a planned routine procedure at the University Hospital Bonn in Germany, and in connection with the study, they were interviewed about their drinking habits before and after the procedure.

The researchers asked participants how they felt about their mood and quality of life, and compared this to the amount of alcohol they drank.

186 of the participants had “moderate to serious alcohol consumption,” according to the researchers’ rating. This applies to those who drank at least four evenings a week, or those who regularly drank the equivalent of two bottles of wine in one day.

better health

This group was significantly less likely to be overweight than those who drank regularly — or not at all.

The drinking group can also report better health and less pain. They also found it easier to do activities such as getting dressed or meeting family.

Women who drank “potentially unhealthy” amounts of alcohol reported better quality of life throughout the study period.

One explanation could be that higher alcohol consumption improves mood, improves social skills and reduces stress, says study author Vera Guttenthaler, according to The Times.

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She says the findings may lead to the conclusion that drinking alcohol can help elderly patients enjoy a better quality of life before and after a routine procedure.

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– That could be the reason

However, British experts caution that the study cannot prove a cause-and-effect link:

Tony Rao, a psychiatrist who works as an age counselor at King’s College London, believes that a higher self-reported quality of life could also be a reason for unhealthy alcohol consumption.

He points out that this group could be more social and therefore drink more. He believes that they can also be generally healthier and therefore can drink to a higher level without experiencing adverse health effects.

Professor Kevin McConway of The Open University votes to:

It is possible that people with a better quality of life, such as the elderly, use alcohol. Perhaps because they are healthier initially, or because they have a different kind of social life, he says.

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