“New Windows coming next year”

“New Windows coming next year”

Intel CFO David Zinsner is doing his best to talk about 2024.

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Companies are laying the foundations for 2024

It is no coincidence that HP has invited the world’s press to its headquarters in Palo Alto. We checked out the HP Specter Fold and Envy Home and also spoke with Head of Personal Computing, Alex Cho. HP, like everyone else, felt its sales decline, especially in the consumer market, after the “Covid trade” ended a few years ago.

This was then followed by inflation and a generally weaker global economy. Getting to this point: Big companies are hoping 2024 will be better, and are doing their best to claw their way to economic recovery.

“Windows Update”

We didn’t hear HP talk about the future of Windows in Palo Alto this week, but Intel did. “We do believe that 2024 will be a very good year for consumers, especially because of the new Windows operating system,” said CFO David Zinsner. “We still believe that the install base is very old, and that an upgrade is necessary,” he said of plans that Microsoft has not yet talked about. “We think next year could be the beginning of that with Windows as the new operating system,” he added. “The catalyst.”

Is this the Windows 11 install base Zinsner is referring to? He’s probably unhappy and that 11 hasn’t been the success Microsoft and its partners were hoping for: We reported this week that numbers suggest that less than 24 percent have upgraded to the OS that launched in October 2021.

Intel has leaked Windows 12 before

Those who follow our Windows 12 reporting may remember that Intel mentioned “Windows 12” previously, at that time in relation to a file. Intel will combine Microsoft’s launch of Windows 12 with its own series of CPUs: Meteor Lake.

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Windows 12 is rumored to be modular, will have more AI functionality and a cloud version will also be offered to consumers. We also expect a new interface with notifications presented at the top like on mobile phones, and closer integration with Android.

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