News, moose | Offers free holiday camp in Moss: – Here there is room for everyone

News, moose |  Offers free holiday camp in Moss: - Here there is room for everyone

Through play and fun, Karoline Skaug and Drive Norway will give children a sense of mastery and a place where they can meet again in several places in the country. In mid-July, they began a four-day camp at Ekholt School.

The most important thing when you meet at a summer camp is to feel equal and to feel in control, and I think kids need that now especially after the pandemic. Here the children will play. If you’re going to make the kids smile, it’s through play and at the same time we get the activity needs covered, says Caroline Skoog, a showrunner at Moss who currently runs the same show at Festby.

Through Drive, a nonprofit organization focused on young people facing the most difficulty.

Making a difference and being with the kids is my thing. I am very fortunate to work as a regular teacher. Being able to be with the kids and contribute makes me very happy because that’s not a job for me, says Skoog.

Holiday camp in Mos

  • From Monday 18 July to Thursday 21 July.
  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Echolt Synthetic Turf (small)
  • Free play and activity program for students at 5.-7. a step.
  • No prior knowledge is required to participate.

It costs nothing to join

The four-day camp will cost nothing for those who wish to join. All you need to bring is food, plenty of drinks and sports shoes.

– We see that there are many who have faced challenges with the economy due to the long period of the epidemic and the high prices of gasoline and electricity. Then you may not have the funds to send your kids on different activities because it will be expensive. Therefore, we want this offer to be free.

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The costs of the camp are covered by the Children, Youth and Family Agency. The offer is open to all children between 10 and 12 years old.

– This is also an offer for parents who may have to work this summer, so that your children are with us in the meantime. There’s room for everyone here, says Skoog.

The entire holiday camp focuses on giving children unity, a sense of uniqueness, and a place where they can meet new friends. Which gave good feedback from previous participants.

It’s all about getting around, being with other kids, and being involved in making decisions. We also focus on treating each other well and speaking kindly to one another, Skoog concludes.

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