Nicole Kidman: – Look at those muscles!

Nicole Kidman: - Look at those muscles!

the actor Nicole Kidman (55) It caused many people to close their eyes. This time it’s not about applause or shocked facial expressions.

This week, she’s on the cover of much-watched “Perfect” magazine.

On the cover, Kidman is standing with his arms in the air, and you can clearly see the muscles of the 55-year-old.

Now people in the comments section are praising the actor for showing off his muscles, according to independent.

One was said to have commented, while another claimed the cover was “creative”.

“Look at those muscles! So beautiful!”, another is said to have commented.

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In a previous interview with Los Angeles TimesThe actress said she grew up in a family that runs marathons, and that she believes long-distance running is “completely normal.”

In the interview, it was revealed that she is still fond of running, and loves to stay active by doing different things with her family.

– It’s not cold

It hasn’t been long since Kidman last appeared widely for a cover photo. Earlier this year, she appeared in Vanity Fair, posing with her stomach bare in a miniskirt and a denim bra.

The cover made many people react to the choice of clothing.

“Nicole Kidman is incredible, but the design is awful. I’m shocked she agreed,” and “She’s a successful actress who’s been nominated for an Academy Award. Why would she dress like a schoolgirl? Not cool,” read some of the comments, according to the report. Sixth page.

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In an interview with director Baz Luhrmann shortly afterwards, the actress was able to reveal that she was the one who chose the much-discussed outfit.

– I got to the photoshoot and they actually had different outfits for me and I said “No, no, I like this! Am I allowed to wear it?” she said in the interview, referring to the denim outfit?

The designer is said to have questioned whether Kidman would be willing to wear such an outfit, to which the 55-year-old replied, “I beg on my knees to let me wear it!”.

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