– nightmare

– nightmare

-It's a nightmare that never ends.

This is how Veronika Sedeniussen starts the conversation with DinSide.

The 40-year-old from Stavanger bought a brand-new Nissan Ariya for delivery in January 2023, and for the first six months Sednewsen thought she had snatched the car of her dreams. Then the problems started.

-I had a Nissan Leaf and was very happy with it, but I also wanted to upgrade the range and was sold out when I test drove the Ariya. The drive was very nice, but the joy was short-lived.

– The merchant denies any error

Sedeniussen chose Ålgårds Auto in Vibemyr in Sandnes and paid NOK 547,000 for the car, but according to Sedeniussen, purchasing the car was not easy.

In the last few months alone, the car must have been in the shop for five weeks in total, and I've had four loaner cars from the dealer in four months.

– I've never experienced so much nonsense with a car before. There were a number of faults with the car, but the dealer denies there is anything wrong with the car and has also tried to demand payment for a stay at the workshop if the faults are not discovered. The dealer, among other things, checked the brakes, battery and noise, but still believes nothing is wrong, Sedeniussen claims.

Stay away from this one

She continues:

– Six days after the car had been in service for a year, the car went into emergency mode and I had to have the car towed. Now my joy with the new car has turned into a nightmare. “I don't feel safe in the car, and I'm afraid it will fail when I drive with my children,” she says.

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They also react aggressively to the fact that the car went into emergency mode shortly after the car was in the dealer's shop.

– When I bought the car, I was told that I should only come if something happened, and they were promised help if something happened. I feel like I received nothing but help, was not taken seriously and was subjected to poor customer service.

DinSide attempted to get a response from Ålgårds Auto, offering criticism from the customer, but the car dealer wrote that it could not comment on the matter.

– Unfortunately, we cannot make any statement because the customer chose to go to a lawyer, managing director Ulf Carlsen wrote in an email to DinSide.

The NAF found seven errors

Since Sedeniussen felt that the dealer was not taking the problems seriously, she went to NAF to have the car inspected.

– Within 90 minutes, Nav discovered that there were seven malfunctions in the car. Ålgårds Auto claims that the car was in the workshop for five weeks and all the while claimed that nothing was wrong.

DinSide has looked at the NAF report and the points have been given the letter code R. On NAF website It is learned that the letter code means the following: “Fix. Recommend improvement according to Checkpoint”.

More faults: The first page of the NAF test results, and here you can see six of the car's faults.  Photo: private

More faults: The first page of the NAF test results, and here you can see six of the car's faults. Photo: private
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The following items received a letter code R in the NAF test:

  • Driving characteristics
  • The sound is abnormal
  • Brake discs
  • a light
  • Complete scanning system
  • Condition: 12 volt battery
  • Paint/exterior

After the test, Sedeniussen took the documents to the agent.

– Ålgårds Auto was surprised by this and continued to say that there was nothing wrong with the car. They say the shop I used didn't have the correct diagnostic tools, but I feel like they're disclaiming responsibility. It's very frustrating when you finally realize that something is wrong with the car.

Here you smoke

Here you smoke

You want to cancel your purchase

Disbelief isn't the only thing the 40-year-old is reacting to.

– I have encountered that they do not call me when the car is ready after it is in the workshop. When I got a loaner car, I had to hand it over fully charged and pay the fees, while when Ålgårds Auto delivered the car, it was not fully charged and there were unpaid fees, they claim and continue:

– They only claim the car has corrosion, but I work in the North Sea and the car has only been driven 13,000km. I also find that the agent does not answer my phone and email.

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Now Sedeniussen has hired a lawyer in the case in an attempt to get the purchase overturned.

– I would like to cancel the purchase and advise everyone not to buy a car from Ålgårds Auto. They claim to be an authorized workshop but they could not fix my car and do not provide the customer service they promised. They were given numerous opportunities to correct errors, claims the dissatisfied customer.

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