Norway bestseller: – It is strange that a new car can be lacking in something so important

Norway bestseller: - It is strange that a new car can be lacking in something so important

It’s taken time, but now deliveries of Tesla’s new bestseller, the Model Y, are well underway. The response has been good, since Tesla opened up to requests.

We’re probably talking about one of Norway’s best-selling cars here in 2021 – even though it came out as late as mid-August. Yes, it will probably also be a bestseller.

The Model Y is built on the same platform as its younger brother the Model 3. Much of the design is also very similar. But the Y is an SUV – and it has a number of practical advantages that the Model 3 lacks.

We tested the newcomer and found, among other things, three things we appreciate – and three things we don’t.

What is it, you can see in the video at the top of this article.

The giant car company bought the Model X – at a huge price.

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The price of the Model Y starts at 535,000 crowns for the Long Range version, and it has a range of 507 kilometers. Soon after the new year, the performance version will be released as well. Here prices start from 589,000 crowns.

The Model Y’s performance is rough – and it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. At the same time, the range is somewhat lower – it runs 480 kilometers.

Both models are well-equipped, as well as the colors, rims, tow hook and autopilot primarily.

In a very short time, more than 1,300 copies of the Tesla Model Y were delivered to Norwegian customers.

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seven seats

In the end, it will also be possible to get the Model Y as a seven-seater. But so far, Tesla Norway can’t say anything about when this will be available to Norwegian customers.

All cars delivered are now manufactured at the factory in China and shipped to Europe. The plan was, in fact, that Tesla’s Giga plant in Berlin, Germany would be up and running now. But it’s not over yet.

However, there is no doubt that Tesla has retained a good share of China’s production for delivery in Norway and Europe. And those who order a car now only have to wait four or six weeks, before it can be delivered.

Tesla Model Y: Norwegians save 200,000 kroner compared to Swedes

good for driving

We think the Model Y offers a great blend of comfort and sporty driving characteristics. The long-range version runs from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds, and feels very smart.

The big difference for those driving the Model X and Model S, is of course that the Y isn’t available with air suspension. He does something comfortably.

But rear seat space is impressively good, the large tailgate makes loading easier and more practical than the Model 3 – and all-wheel drive is standard. What is not good is that there is a lack of opportunities to secure luggage.

– Broom-Vegard thinks it’s simply weird to be missing in a new car. Watch more about this in the video above.

Watch our comprehensive video test of the Model Y below:

Everything you ever wondered about the Tesla Model Y

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