The thief stole seven hours of television footage for a new reality series

The thief stole seven hours of television footage for a new reality series

From last week night to Tuesday, someone entered Mølleparken 4 in Grünerløkka. This commercial building houses a commercial building called “Phenomenon”.

Among other things, they are behind the best television hit “Rådebank”, which has won several Culrutton awards.

The robber was inside and outside the building for several hours. When you last see him, he carries a lot of computer and camera equipment on his way out of the building.

Two Jorn Melkort calls for work after a horrific theft at the Oslo Gallery

He also received a seven-hour video recording for use during one season of a Norwegian reality TV series.

Producer Carey Scott says he has no idea how much damage he is doing.

Characteristic scooter

The man in the surveillance photos changes clothes along the way. What is most characteristic of man is the means of transportation he uses.

He uses a large electric scooter with a seat.

– This is a very special scooter. You don’t have to go very far with the iMac hanging on the scooter’s handlebar. He did not run far. He’s somewhere near this campus, Scott believes.

– Can’t do it again

The TV crew has made recordings for the entire weekend of a TV series that will air soon. There are valuable records, and it is impossible to recreate them, says Scott.

– I felt like I had to film “Flight in the Blind” and then miss the wedding scenes. I can’t do these posts again, he says in frustration.

Skart now hopes a search warrant in Norway can contribute to home return records.

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– There is little hope. After that I myself traveled on a scooter in the area to see if he was hiding something in the bushes or elsewhere nearby.

See case in Norway 21.40 Do you have any notes? Call 22 38 98 98 between 21.30 and 23.00 Monday evening, or email [email protected]

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