This is how you choose other people's programs!

This is how you choose other people's programs!

Every Saturday, the kode24 editorial team collects the funniest and most interesting things we've come across from the past week, in our column Lørdagsgodt.

This time we have a lot of hidden code-related and non-code-related things. Enjoy what we find – and have a great weekend!

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The new editor of Atom Builder has been tested

Olly Peter:

New year, or almost new year, is it time for a new editor too?

We've already written a little about Zed here at kode24, but maybe you haven't seen it in action yet? I had a look shot! And it made me realize that it's only available on Mac, so there's no new editor for me at the moment.

PC repair of legend


Martin Galloway was most adept at making music on the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum in the 1980s, and later also composed music for Amiga and MS-DOS PC games, such as Wing Commander II and Ultima VII.

8-Bit Guy is one of my favorite channels on YouTube, and in a new video he recently said so he met Martin Galloway himself – who asked him if he could take a look at an old Commodore 128 that no longer ran.

Watch how The 8-Bit Guy repaired the computer that Martin Galway used to make legendary music in the 1980s:

This is how they get cheap scrap that is sent to half the globe

Olly Peter:

Have you also wondered how deep-pocketed stores like Aliexpress and newcomer Temu manage to deliver all kinds of crap to your door for a lick of nothing? Me too.

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But if you really want to understand it, you can set aside half an hour so that you have something to talk about in the cafeteria the next time someone preaches on this topic.

Soundtrack by Oppenheimer


Much of the music for Oppenheimer's film was produced by Ludwig Göransson, a music producer from Linköping, Sweden! If you've heard of him before, this probably comes as no surprise, as he is also known as the producer of rapper Childish Gambino, who is among other things behind the song “This is American.”

Here he takes us behind the scenes of the production of Oppenheimer's music, which, in my opinion, was very complicated stuff.

A laser umbrella?


We've had a lot of rain recently, at least in the Askim area where I live. At the same time, I think there has been very little development the umbrella!

Can't you just have one, for example Laser What ignites raindrops and evaporates them before they hit you? xkcd channel on YouTube What if? I checked if it is possible to do this:

Playing with Apple Vision

Olly Peter:

Yes, Apple's new glasses are great, but they only promise to work inside them, so how good is the Apple Vision Pro at what we really want in VR: gaming?

Gamespot has taken a look, and it has good and bad news.

Incidentally, a pair of Apple Glasses are rumored to be making the trip to kode24 this year, so you have another argument to secure a ticket there.

leather Reverse Engineering


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Maybe I'm a nerd, that is (those who know me are probably not wondering). But that's for Reverse engineer A program to discover what's going on “under the hood” sounds exciting and fun. Treat yourself to some delicious combination… 🤓

Lori Kirk works with Reverse Engineering Of Microsoft's malware, and in this video he shares his best tips for anyone who wants to learn how to spot other people's software:

I can't live without


YouTuber Marquis Brownlee, for some ridiculous reason, appeared on GQ's “10 Things I Can't Live Without” this week.

The show is usually reserved for movie celebrities, so it was a little strange to see a tech YouTuber there. It's even weirder to see that you wear your own brands almost exclusively, just like Sputnik with his briefs.

Vision Pro app created

Olly Peter:

Okay, now there will be two Vision Pro and Fireship videos here, but this one is worth watching too: Fireship created the Vision Pro app, to see how it actually works.

And like most other things Apple does for developers, it turns out it works perfectly, even without glasses!

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