Nvidia President will talk about the next generation of graphics

Go to the podium in September.

3D rendering based on leaked images of Nvidia's upcoming RTX 30 series.  It turned out to be a good vote.

It has long been known that Nvidia and AMD will introduce a new generation of graphics cards before the end of the year.

We may now have a more realistic launch window for Nvidia’s next generation in what is expected to be called the “RTX 40” series.

At an investor meeting this week, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated the following, reproduced by video card:

I’m looking forward to next month’s GTC Conference, where we’ll share new advances in RTX technology, which is reinventing 3D graphics and gaming.

Regarding new graphics cards specifically, he simply stated that “we’ll be reviewing this over the next few months, and taking our new build with us into next year.”

Huang was recently announced as a speaker at Nvidia’s ‘GPU Technology Conference’. This is primarily aimed at professional actors, companies, and researchers, but it often comes with a hint of what to expect next for more gaming-oriented graphics cards in the GeForce RTX series.

The GTC speech will be held on September 20.

If we dare to speculate, we might learn more about the “Ada Lovelace” architecture on which the next GeForce cards will also be built during GTC. A separate event will then be held to announce the new RTX 40 series at a somewhat later date. From what Huang said recently, it seems that Nvidia is in no hurry to get the cards out, so they Can around the fourth quarter or until the new year.

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Previously, it was speculated that Nvidia might only release one RTX 40 card this year, and then of course a premium model like the RTX 4090, before other enthusiast cards like the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 followed in the early winter, and mid-range in the spring.

The thing that supports this is that Nvidia has mass-produced the current RTX 30 series, and the stock of these products has recently skyrocketed for stores.

Stores struggle to sell them for three reasons:

  • They paid a much higher price for the cards than people are willing to buy them for.
  • In recent months, the used market has been flooded with RTX 30 cards that have been used for mining while profitable.
  • Those who follow the news and know the industry are instead waiting for the next generation.

To try to address this, Nvidia has indicated that it will help stores that already get RTX 30 cards at discounts, so that stores can sell the cards cheaper than today without losing money. Then towards a commitment to receive a certain number of new graphics cards when they are released.

Nothing has been confirmed regarding the performance of the RTX 40 series, but recent rumors made by the rumor maker known by the pseudonym “kopite7kimi” indicate that we are talking about a performance jump of up to 70 percent from the current RTX 30 series. .

Among other things, he claims that the RTX 4070 or 4070 Ti will match the performance of today’s hottest Nvidia card, the RTX 3090 Ti.

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In this case, the upcoming mid-range cards in the RTX 40 series will be as powerful as today’s enthusiast cards, which cost over NOK 20,000 for this generation and still sell for at least NOK 15,000.

The Nvidia RTX 3090 is expensive and the second most powerful graphics card of this generation.  It is rumored that the upcoming RTX 4070 or RTX 4070 Ti will be more powerful than that, but at a lower price.

Earlier in August, kopite7kimi also released performance estimates for the 3DMark Time Spy Extreme benchmark software, where it was believed that the RTX 4090 would reach 19,000 points.

In this case, that’s a roughly 70 percent improvement over the 3090 Ti, which is typically somewhere above 11,000 points in the same test.

In this case, it would be a radical generational improvement, even if it was just one test. The last time we measured 70 percent higher performance from one generation to the next was when Nvidia replaced the GTX 900 series with the GTX 10 series in 2016.

The corresponding figures for the RTX 4080 are said to be 15,000 points, and for the RTX 4070 about 10,000 points by 3DMark, it is also claimed. The leaker stresses that he is a little unsure about the numbers, except for the RTX 4090. He also confirmed that the 19,000 figure is quite conservative, and that the overclocked version should hit more than 20,000 points.

We’ll likely hear details from Nvidia itself during the fall. The RTX 30 series was launched today on September 1, 2020.

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Are you sitting on the fence waiting for the RTX 40 series?
After that, you may be able to get a free performance boost if you haven’t already done so with your RTX 30 card.

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