Raging before the Battle of Destiny: – If you are crazy..?!

Raging before the Battle of Destiny: - If you are crazy..?!

– We’re afraid of injuries all the time, Line Fiskerstrand Blekeli tells TV 2.

Chief Lynn tirelessly wanders around the artificial turf in Kringsia in frustration. In 2016, the track was finally rehabilitated, but soon after it became clear that the drainage associated with the rehabilitation was not satisfactory.

Then a long series of problems began.

The Kringsjå rug was rehabilitated again three years later, but again this time without getting rid of the problems. The track was closed for eight months.

During 2021 and 2022, the joints had to be glued down constantly so that the stadium could be used. Today, the track surface is a mixture of joints, troughs, and pellet set.

LAPPETEPPE: Sanitation is the problem in Kringsjå. Bleakley describes it as porridge under artificial turf. Photo: Magnus Kaslegard / TV 2

– We don’t take it seriously

Kringsjå Stadium has been rejected by the NFF several times. Now they live at the mercy of the Federation ahead of the game against Rosenborg on Sunday, which will decide whether or not they will secure a place in the playoffs.

President Blekeley fears at worst a quick loss in an important match.

Before each match, an NFL match delegate must approve the field to play. If he is rejected, which incidentally happened with Colbotten in April, the away team will be awarded the victory.

– We live in match-by-match uncertainty: “Is the stadium approved for matches?”

Last week, it was Skid who threw the whip in the Oslo municipality:

Responds to severe criticism: – Totally wrong

– you are crazy?

– If I’m crazy..?! I was angry and desperate because we have a Premier League team fighting for fourth place in the league with the top ten teams in Norway, and not being taken seriously by our municipality, which has the facilities.

Bislet City Council presents

When the course was declined for longer periods, Lyn had to pay the costs herself to rent other courses.

In April, Fiskerstrand Blekeli estimated monthly expenses of NOK 70-80,000 as a result of not being able to use their own facilities.

– I think it lifts the hair completely. The municipality of Oslo is the owner of the facility and should offer something suitable that we can trust. You don’t have to worry that the facility we rented from Oslo Municipality is in order.

Belkeley is very frustrated with the inaction of the municipality. It alleges that the Norwegian Environment Agency, which is responsible for the track, failed to respond to the frequent incidents.

Oslo Sports Council (SV) Omar Sami Jamal himself visited Kringsjåbanen in February and says he understands the club’s frustration.

However, he disagrees that the club is not taken seriously.

We have to make a comprehensive assessment of the situation. I have asked the Urban Environment Agency to do so as quickly as possible, and that is the situation so far, says Jamal.

Announces new meetings: Oslo City Council for Culture, Omar Sami Jamal.  Photo: Frederic Hagen

Announces new meetings: Oslo City Council for Culture, Omar Sami Jamal. Photo: Frederic Hagen

Jamal stated that he had meetings with the club last week to discuss the situation, and thus answers questions about why Lynn had to pay court rent elsewhere to cover the missing court:

– I’ve offered Lynn and their first team play for free at Bislet Stadium, so if they want to, it’s open to them, city council continues.

Bleakley did not like the show.

– We could initially play in Bislet as a very short term fix, but here other events will likely take precedence. A top league team should be able to expect to have their own path. It is about the social representative that we are, and the role we play in the community of children and youth. We believe that neither Djamel nor Oslo takes us as a club, especially the girls in our first team, seriously, she says, and continues:

– The short-term combat field is one thing, but what about the daily training and not least of our 140 teams of children and youth? An entire club with more than 2,000 members cannot access Bislett at once.

The question we have to ask ourselves is did this happen to the elite team in the league? Was it accepted that they would have to play at Bislet or somewhere else you found it? I refuse to believe it!

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