Nitrous oxide as an intoxicating substance: – The police sounded the alarm

Nitrous oxide as an intoxicating substance: - The police sounded the alarm

– We want to encourage young people to refrain from using nitrous oxide as an intoxicant, and for parents and others to be especially “trained” if they encounter young people intoxicated with nitrous oxide, write to the police in Oslo, Asker and Berom at Facebook.

Nitrous oxide (N20), commonly known as nitrous oxide, is a A heavy, colorless gas with a sweet odor and taste.

to me drug info Nitrous oxide is used for anesthesia and pain relief and is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

It can cause neurological problems

Nitrous oxide is relatively harmless, but excessive use can cause serious neurological problems as a result of a severe vitamin B12 deficiency.

Long-term, excessive use can also directly damage the brain.

According to the police, nitrous oxide with alcohol can be fatal.

In some cases, inhalation can lead to heart rhythm disturbances, hypoxia and induction of suffocation.

The police can’t do much

Although the police stated that nitrous oxide can be fatal, they wrote that nitrous oxide is not punishable.

– There’s not much we can do Do this, regardless of the health risk warning.

The police ask for advice if they find empty cartridges and bottles, or come across drunk guys.

increase among young people

David Nicol is a Neurologist and Clinical Director at Birmingham City Hospital in England. Tells the British Medical Journal British Medical Journal (BMJ) believes that not everyone is aware of the risks of using nitrous oxide.

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Several doctors confirmed to BMJ They are seeing an increase in neurological problems among young people with high nitrous oxide.

– I will describe it as an epidemic, and it is not only me who says it, but also my other colleagues, he claims.

Nicole says it’s important for users to know that taking vitamin B12 does not prevent neurological problems.

Awareness increases

When many have turned to social media to raise awareness, including Nikos Evangelo, an academic neurologist at the University of England.

He wrote on his Twitter account:

I am invited to Nottingham Neurology and I realize there is an epidemic of nitrous oxide abuse. This can lead to neurological problems. Scary to see the use of nitrous oxide cartridges by young people.

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