– He had no choice and had to obey orders – VG

- He had no choice and had to obey orders - VG
IMPORTANT SUPPORT: Nils Jacob (Huff), Father Thorval Juhaug and Therese Juhaug herself at her last World Cup race at Holmenkollen in March of this year.

HOLMENKOLLEN (VG) Therese Johaug (34) was proposed on New Year’s Eve in the middle of the tumultuous run-up to the Olympics. But she has since given up — and planned most of her own life.


Among other things, the former skating queen considered what she and fiancé Nils Jacob Hoff would do at the wedding.

– We haven’t settled on a date yet, but it will probably be next year, yes, says Johaug and his smiles.

It’s been nearly nine months since then Hoff suggestedthe former rower and the doctor she’s been dating since 2014.

– Where do you intend to get it?

– In Roros, we will have a winter wedding.

Sharing: Therese Johaug shared a post on Instagram on New Year’s Eve.

When VG asks her partner’s opinion on the matter for several years, she answers as follows:

– He is looking forward to the winter wedding, but he had no choice and had to obey orders, she says and smiles wider.

Johog hasn’t been on the lazy side since she gave up skating this year.

She has spent her vacation several times in some trendy places in southern Europe. Johaug himself said that so She had Russian time.

Thanks for the effort! Ski Council member Marietta Andersen thanks Therese Johaug for standing up and answering questions from curious ski leaders from 21 different countries.

But there was time for more serious things, too. Among other things, she meets with VG and other media during Tomorrow’s Ski Leaders Seminar in Holmenkollen, where Johaug held an hour-long question/answer session for attendees.

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But when you ask VG if it is true, among other things, that they have big plans to expand their villa a stone’s throw from the national facility, such as TV 2 Written in August, it makes Johaug’s eyes wide.

The channel then wrote that the 34-year-old has big plans for the house, as she is said to have applied to expand the 400-square-meter home, among other things, a room for wine and exercise.

A storm in a glass of water, Johaug tells VG.

We have a small crawl space that we want to convert into a small training room. So we have to “raise” some stones. We will never build a house. But we have a little room to crawl, that is, says Johaug and leave it at that.

On a daily basis, she spends a lot of time working on her resume. It will go on sale in October.

In addition, it became an important part of the business with an evaluation report published by the Norwegian Ski Association in October. Among other things, the topics are how to raise Norwegian women across the suburb.

But perhaps most important is working with its own brand.

We want to bring our clothes to the USA in three to four years. So we’re putting a lot of effort into that and there’s an incredible amount of exciting things going on, says Johog.

– Among other things, we started completely in Sweden and Finland. I’m going to Helsinki and having a running event at a sports store there. We work with Germany and Austria. And I will go to St. Moritz in Switzerland, among other things. Then we go to the United States. It is a nice.

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