No one came to the birthday party: Miles moved

No one came to the birthday party: Miles moved

Social media has enlivened a kind gesture for a Domino’s employee since last year.

The harrowing story is causing comment fields to explode around the world.

The Christmas party that never happened

Last October, a little boy in Queensland was waiting and waiting for the Christmas guests who never came.

The boy’s mother was startled to see her excited son sitting alone among the balloons and covered tables, and didn’t know what to do.

When she realizes she has to call Domino’s and cancel all the pizzas she ordered, she breaks down in tears.

The mother, crying in her tears, told Domino’s how none of her son’s classmates showed up for his birthday. According to the news.

She painfully described how her little son sat alone among the confetti and other decorations. Then I placed another order for 1 pizza.

The tearful letter prompted Domino’s boss Miles at Domino’s Coolum, Sunshine Coast, to respond.

He had an idea that has taken the internet by storm ever since.

Warning shout: – Danger to life

Custom made cake

After the painful conversation, Miles rushes out to make a cake specially made for the little boy. Kaka was specifically a chocolate pizza. It was topped with brownies and churros, He writes for the New York Times.

The president wrote “Happy Birthday” with chocolate sauce on the top lid of the pizza box in which he placed the dessert, and then snapped a photo that Dominos Australia posted on their official Facebook page.

There they also reproduced the heartbreaking story of the child’s mother anonymously, with the consent of the mother.

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The photo went viral, and hundreds of people praised Miles’ performance. Likewise, many took to the comments section to offer their support for the boy.

Chocolate Pizza: Miles poses with the chocolate pizza cake he gave the little boy as a gift.  Photo: Domino's Facebook page.

Chocolate Pizza: Miles poses with the chocolate pizza cake he gave the little boy as a gift. Photo: Domino’s Facebook page.
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“What a wonderful person you are, Miles. I hope you cheered the boy up—what a heartbreaking story.” single wrote.

“This is every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s great that you helped what you could.”Post wrote.

Shocking discovery in the microwave

Shocking discovery in the microwave

The baby’s mother later told the Dominos restaurant that she and her son were very touched and grateful for Miles’ gesture, and revealed that her little one exchanged tears with a warm smile when he received the candy.

Now the incident last fall has gone viral again. The invention of the domino head warms hearts all over the world, and is actively shared on Facebook and other social media.

“What a legend! You should get a raise.”wrote a user on Facebook.

Poor boy, I hope he’s better today.Post wrote.

Domino’s official user profile also left a tribute:

“Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make this customer’s day a difference”.

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