Nordea bans analysts after writing a report criticizing Corona – E24

Nordea suspends analysts after coronavirus report - E24

Nordea has pulled a controversial report that senior analysts questioned about the effect of coronavirus vaccines. Both are now banned from writing by the major bank.

Might not write: chief strategist Andreas Steno-Larsen and his colleague, chief analyst Martin Enlund.


E24 confirms: In the first edition of this case, we quoted Bloomberg as saying that the two have been suspended. Nordea’s Christian Stevenson told E24 Friday night that there was a misunderstanding, and that the two would meet at work – but there was talk of them being denied the right to publish analyzes while awaiting an internal investigation.

The whole thing is based on an analysis that chief analyst Martin Inlund and chief strategist Andreas Steno Larsen sent to bank clients last Sunday, in which they questioned the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine, official infection numbers, and referred to the Nuremberg process.

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– We have embarked on an internal review, and the two analysts will not write or publish anything during the review, he says
Bank on Friday.

Nordea’s chief customer manager, Martin Pearson, apologized for the memo and said Nordea will continue to “publish credible analysis and research with integrity,” according to Bloomberg.

As a bank, our expertise is to support the bank and advise our clients on their financial situation. In the statement, Pearson said, “We leave medical advice to experts, and therefore we, as a company, follow the advice of the authorities on vaccines and the Covid-19 virus.”

Report removed after three days

The report was published on the Nordea website on Sunday. On Wednesday, the report was removed after it caused an uproar on Twitter.

On the same day, Nordea wrote on Twitter that the opinions in the analysts’ report did not reflect the banks’ official position and that they should launch an internal investigation.

Svenske Enlund joined Nordea in 2014 as Chief Analyst and previously worked at Svenska Handelsbanken for nine years. Danche Steno Larsen has been with Nordea for over ten years.

This case was corrected at 18.52, after Steffensen contacted E24

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