Nordland receives NOK 60 million to support broadband

Nordland receives NOK 60 million to support broadband

With the aim of enabling all households in the entire country to have access to fast broadband, NOK 400 million has now been allocated to develop this in different parts of the country.

Nationally, this will provide between 5,000 and 10,000 new households with high-speed broadband supply, according to a press release from Nordland County Council.

Access to fast internet is important whether while communicating with the public, at work or when we want to enjoy our free time. Broadband ties the country together, which is critical for both stability and jobs. This award is a very important contribution, says the Chairman of the County Council of Nordland, Sven-Owen Eijsvik, in the press release.

Nordland is coming out well

This year, Nordland receives the largest increase in broadband support, but it is also the county with the greatest need.

The distribution of funds between counties depends, among other things, on the coverage status of the individual county.

– Unfortunately, Nordland is the county in Norway with the largest percentage of population that lacks access to high-speed broadband. More than 7,000 families still lack this. This is a province with large distances and many scattered urban areas, where infrastructure development is expensive and demanding. With this support, we can ensure that more residents and businesses have access to fast and stable internet, says County Council Chairman Eijsvik.

– Hopefully it will give a boost

He points out that this infrastructure is absolutely essential in today's society. Broadband is essential for stability and functionality.

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In order to realize local projects faster, the requirement for co-financing from municipalities has also been removed, when broadband is developed with state support.

However, Eijswijk believes it is important that municipalities that have the opportunity contribute to the joint team.

– The municipalities facing the biggest challenges regarding broadband coverage in Nordland include Granj, Bindal and Gyldeskal. I hope that the award can give a boost to these municipalities, but also to many other municipalities in Nordland.

Part of the green transition

Eggesvik encourages municipalities to be active and involved in broadband development. Among other things, because municipalities know local needs and challenges best.

– Then we will prioritize the funds to those who need it most. As mentioned earlier, there are still many places in Nordland waiting for fast broadband, notes Eijsvik.

Smiling to the broadband millions

County Council leader Eijsvik emphasizes that broadband is an important part of the green transition.

– Thanks to fast broadband, we can reduce the need to travel, increase digital transformation and create new business opportunities. This is good for both the environment and the economy. We want to make Nordland an attractive and future-oriented county, including by increasing the pace of rapid broadband development, concludes Sven-Owen Eijsvik.

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