Jessica Biel: -Shock: -Do it in the shower

Jessica Biel: -Shock: -Do it in the shower

Just before we ring in the new year, actress Jessica Biel, 41, chose to share a rather intimate “guilty pleasure” with her followers on Tik Tok.

The information she provided led some fans to wonder if the 41-year-old was really well preserved.

New trauma picture: – Unrecognizable

– Um. Are you okay?, one wonders.

– This confuses me, writes another.

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– Love her

Bell, who is married to star Justin Timberlake (42 years old), admits that she likes to eat meals in the shower.

-I like to eat and drink while showering. Suitable items for bathing: Breakfast cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea, ice cream on a stick. Yes, I know – the dissolving agent – but it's safe. She explains that if something falls, everything goes down the drain.

- One of the biggest

– One of the biggest

The TikTok video later went viral, and at the time of writing has been viewed more than 1.1 million times. in New video The mother of two children is trying to answer all the questions she received after the examination.

-Thanks for all the questions about eating in the shower. “I'm really happy that everyone is showing this much interest,” she begins.

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– Very satisfactory

-I want to start the “eating in the bathroom” movement. For people who like to multitask, this will make life easier on many levels, she says.

Star couple: Jessica Biel has been married to artist and actor Justin Timberlake since 2012. Photo: Instagram

Star couple: Jessica Biel has been married to artist and actor Justin Timberlake since 2012. Photo: Instagram
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Therefore, she lists some tips that she recommends to get the best experience.

– It's very simple, people. I find it very satisfying.

- nausea

– nausea

She thinks, for example, that it's good to have a shelf. A place where you can put what you eat or drink.

“I like to take a bite or a sip, then put it back on the rim,” she explains.

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It is recommended to close the mouth

Bell also recommends avoiding getting soap into your food, as well as keeping your mouth closed when chewing underwater.

“For some reason, I always feel like spraying water from my mouth at the same time I'm chewing and putting my head under the water,” she says.

Move to tears

Move to tears

– I don't know if it's related to childhood memories, but I have an innate desire to splash water on someone's face. “It might also be because my kids do this to me all the time,” she says.

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