Norway doesn’t get time to speak at UN chief’s climate summit – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Norway doesn’t get time to speak at UN chief’s climate summit – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Earlier, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said only countries with credible plans to restructure fossil industries would be allowed to speak.

NRK looked at the list before Wednesday’s meeting, which did not say Norway.

Must be an alarm clock

This is very embarrassing for Norway! We hope this will be a real wake-up call for our politicians, says Frod Plame, head of Greenpeace Norway.

“Unfortunately, we expected that Norway would not be allowed to speak at the climate meeting,” said Frode Pleym, president of Greenpeace Norway.

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He believes this means Norway does not have a credible transition plan.

So Norway should announce that they are ending all new oil exploration. The high speed of the oil industry does not reduce emissions or create safe jobs, Pleym tells NRK.

NRK did not speak to Prime Minister Jonas Karstor (Ap) after the list became known, but when asked earlier about the case, he replied:

– It would be a shame if we didn’t get it. After all, Norway is now taking steps on climate policy that will make us renewable, and it will be climate financed and run, Prime Minister Jonas Gerstor told NRK in New York.

Talktime is only available in 34 countries

According to Reuters news agency, only 34 countries are on the list of speakers.

Other countries that don’t get talking time are the United States and China, which have the world’s largest emitters. The United Arab Emirates, which will host the COP28 climate summit in December, should also listen.

Denmark, Iceland, Brazil, Canada, Pakistan, South Africa and Tuvalu and the European Union are also able to speak.

Companies and organizations are also on the list of speakers, including banking and insurance group Alliance, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the City of London and the US state of California.

It is unclear whether Norway had time to speak

It is uncertain who had time to speak in the meeting with the UN Secretary-General. As mentioned in the invitation, only 50 countries will be allowed to participate.

Asked whether it would be embarrassing if Norway was not allowed to say anything, Climate and Environment Minister Espan Barth Ede (AP) responded.

– Most of the countries are not going to speak at this meeting, so I wouldn’t say it will be awkward, but we think it will be fair if he asks us to contribute, the minister said.

Climate Ambition Summit It will be held on Wednesday at the UN headquarters.

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