TikTok, Viral | Annie goes on Tiktok: – My husband is completely exhausted

TikTok, Viral |  Annie goes on Tiktok: – My husband is completely exhausted

(Smaalenenes Avis) hundreds of thousands have caught assistant store manager Anne Kronnerud Mikkelsen's video.

– It's so much fun! People are laughing their heads off, and we think it's fun to make videos,” says store manager Kamila Gared and assistant store manager Anne Kronerud Mikkelsen.

Watch the viral video:

The TikTok account was created at the end of January this year. It didn't take long for them to go viral.

– Our videos are very spontaneous. Ann Kronnerud Mikkelsen says it shouldn't be planned, and then it won't be fun.

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There will be demand

Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and other nationalities have watched the video from Europris in Skivet.

– I asked Annie if she wanted to dance, and we spontaneously shot the video. She's not shy, so she's happy to come in, says store manager Camila Gareet.

The video has over 600,000 views, over 800 comments and approximately 30,000 likes.

– Recently, many people have seen Anne on TikTok and are asking for Anne in the store. It's a lot of fun, says the store manager.

– Laughs Anne Kronerud Mikkelson next thing I'll get a phone call from Hollywood or get my own manager.

Despite the good reviews online and in store, there is one person who is a bit skeptical about the video.

– My husband is completely exhausted, laughs Anne.

The way forward

The TikTok account has become a talking point among ten employees at Europris in Skiptvet.

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– Most of the people who work here have participated in the videos we publish. It's fun to do it together and see the response afterward, says the store manager.

– Ann Kronerud Mikkelsen says it's important to have fun at work.

– Can we expect more videos in the future?

– Yes absolutely! There is no doubt about it. Time is limited when we're at work, but if we get a good idea, we rarely spend more than a couple of tries before the video is ready and released. Colleagues say we want the videos to be spontaneous and informal.

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– What is the purpose of the videos?

– This is definitely to promote the store, but it's fun. We publish everything possible, serious videos and completely frivolous, laughs Anne Kronerud Mikkelsen.

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