Norwegian Politics, Oslo | Oslo’s Elderly Food Alarms: Politicians Order Cold Nursing Home Food

Norwegian Politics, Oslo |  Oslo's Elderly Food Alarms: Politicians Order Cold Nursing Home Food

– It is important for politicians to eat the food provided to the elderly.

The Progressive Party believes that nursing home food in Oslo is too bad and warns against the consequences for the elderly.

– This is dangerous, says Aina Stenerson (Frp), chair of the Oslo City Council Health and Community Committee, to Netavicen.

According to new statistics Norwegian Directorate of Health More than 60 percent of those living in nursing homes in Oslo are undernourished or at risk of malnutrition.

– Nutrition is more important among the elderly, and the number is higher in Oslo than in other parts of the country – and the challenges are increasing, Steinerson points out.

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– It’s serious

The FRP politician believes it is urgent to introduce measures now to improve the nursing home diet.

– There are dietary challenges in nursing homes, and malnutrition can lead to many diseases and even lead to premature death. So it’s serious, he says.

– As you can see why the nursing home diet is so bad?

– This is a complex challenge. We hope that you will reclaim more kitchens in nursing homes so that you can regain the smell of food in nursing homes, says Stenerson.

He points out that today nursing homes receive cold food from the municipality’s production kitchen twice a week and then heat it up.

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– But not everyone in the final stages has the time or expertise to warm up and serve, so this is a challenge. So, we hope you hire more chefs and professionals in nursing homes, and they can make this their primary job, ”says Stenerson.

– You have to decide for yourself

He emphasizes that these measures should be for those who live in nursing homes, but also for those who live in a home that receives food provided by the Home Care Service.

– But there has been talk of nursing home food for many years, but the criticism continues. Why can’t politicians do anything about this?

– We believe that the Oslo Municipality has gone down a slightly wrong strategy because it has a large production kitchen that sends cold nursing home food. We believe that one should have more freedom of choice so that the elderly can decide for themselves what to eat, he says.

The committee chairman has now called for an inquiry into nutrition for the elderly in Oslo in November.

3400 residents in nursing homes are served dinner, and a low percentage think their food is good. With the statistics for nutrition in Oslo, we need to focus more on nutrition and good activities, says Stenerson.

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– It is important for politicians to taste

During the hearing at the Health and Community Committee, several actors involved in geriatric care were invited, including representatives of the nursing home service, home service, geriatric councilor Robert Stein (Labor Party), and the production kitchen. In addition to politicians.

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In addition, food will be provided during the trial; I.e. food for the elderly.

– Politicians We believe it is important to eat the food provided in nursing homes because we want to get as much knowledge as possible. It’s a small thing, but an important thing from a nutritional point of view, we know how it tastes, Stenerson says.

He says the food should be served cold and then heated before serving.

– We will not have any different treatment and we will get it as it is offered in old age homes. Everyone says they have to taste the food.

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City Councilor: – Good food is important

The Council of Elderly said it was pleased to be on the agenda for the elderly.

– Good and nutritious food is important for how we feel regardless of age. Some relatives in Oslo are worried about the nutrition of their loved ones. So, on October 14th, I sent a proposal to the Health and Community Committee to set aside half a day for the elderly in Oslo to learn more about how we work with food and nutrition, Stein tells Netavichen. , And adds:

– I would also like to conduct an inquiry on this important topic.

He believes there are many causes of malnutrition in many older people.

– As the rate of aging increases, nutritional challenges will increase. That’s why we care so much about mapping and assisting those involved, and Stein says, and points out that Oslo is the district that has mapped out the nutritional status of most homeowners.

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– Loneliness and loneliness

Stein says the city council has strengthened the food budget in nursing homes, as well as testing catering specialists in some nursing homes.

– This city council has significantly strengthened the work with good food experiences and nutrition in relation to the bourgeois city council. We must take into account that the effects of infection control measures during corona infections have increased the level of isolation among the elderly, he says, finally pointing out:

– Isolation, loneliness and inability to buy and cook food may lead the elderly to eat less and then increase the risk of malnutrition.

The consultation on the Health and Community Committee will take place on November 22 at City Hall.

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