Norwegian Politics, Tax Lists | Government sugary labor doubles: good for 111.9 million

Norwegian Politics, Tax Lists |  Government sugary labor doubles: good for 111.9 million

Labor leaders are struggling to stay rich in government.

On Wednesday morning, the tax lists for 2020 were released, and figures show that the new government tops the list of the two richest two.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, John Christian Westray (Labor Party), is the richest and richest person in the world with assets listed at NOK 60,509,413 million. Vestre earned NOK 2,804,114 last year and has to pay NOK 1,530,753 in taxes.

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Westray (35) defeated his own employer (61), Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store (Labor), who had 51,395,625 kroner last year. The store earned NOK 2,626,713 last year, and has to pay NOK 1,395,009 in taxes.

The big fortune in 2019 was NOK 53,280,231, so it has shrunk somewhat.

On the other hand, according to Vestre, the arrow is only upwards: in 2019 the fortune was 52,470,684 and from 2018 it was 34,676,918 kroner.

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Money in the bank

For many years, the focus was around the store’s fortunes, but last summer the Labor leader chose to put his wealth in the bank. Avoid focusing too much around it.

The store’s fortunes were inherited after the sale of Judul, a family-owned kiln manufacturer until the 1970s. In recent years, he has allowed DNB and Danske Bank to manage money through funds, but now have all the assets in their bank account.

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In addition, last year he divided the inheritance by a quarter for his children.

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Bearing furniture

Vestre’s fortune comes from furniture sales. Minister of Commerce and Industry Vestre AS owns 70 percent of the furniture manufacturer, while his mother Elisabeth Preus Vestre owns the remaining 30 percent. In addition, the Minister has been the General Manager of the Committee.

The furniture group had sales of NOK 214.6 million last year, up from NOK 202.5 million in 2019. According to the income statement and balance sheet previously mentioned by Netavicen.

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At the end of last year, the Westray Group had NOK 222 million book values. This includes 57 million buildings and land, and may have added value here. At the end of last year, the group had NOK 55 million in the bank, indicating good cash flow.

Note: Tax figures do not show the full actual salary, but after net income (normal income) deductions, but special deductions and net wealth (taxable wealth) and before assessed tax. So the actual salary is higher than what is shown from the tax lists.

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