– Not good enough – VG

- Not good enough - VG

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SOLID KEEPER: Juhu Lamiko was obstructed by Norway goalkeeper Henrik Haukeland – who occasionally stood up as a wall against Finland.

(Finland-Norway 5-0) She started well in the opening match of the World Cup, but then Finland took a full lead over Norway.


– It was a reality check for us. We see where the level. We’re really bad at the crucial stages of the game and it’s not good enough. subject to any criticism. Tonight we are angry, so we are ready for a new match, goalkeeper Henrik Hoekland told Viaplay.

Norway went out 100 against defending champions Finland in Tampere and were supposed to take the lead in the first half, but the post, crossbar and alert Jussi Olkenora in goal stood in the way.

On the other hand, Henrik Hokland kept Norway in the match with some good saves. She was looking good until the 19th minute. Then Norway got a count error and left Hari Pessonen completely alone and could send the Finns ahead from close range with 1.31 of the remaining period.

– I think we had a very good first period. The Finns are fortunate as captains, national team manager Peter Thorsen tells Viaplay.

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In the second period, the difference became larger. The Finns were steady and persistent in the Norwegian area. Norway also failed to take advantage of the advantage when Joel Jeremiah was expelled.

With 8.21 left in the second half, Finland increased. Tony Raggala hit hard between Max Krugdahl’s legs and into the corner, removable for Hawkland.

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3-0 was a gift from the Norwegians. Norway were about to make three substitutions when Tobias Vladebe lost the disc. That opportunity did not allow the Finns to pass, and Hannes Björnenen put the ball into the goal after being sent by Marco Antilla.

– We got pushed out a lot, but two pretty ugly personal mistakes kept us 3-0 down, says Thoresen.

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– They are much better than us and play easier. In addition, we give up goals for simple mistakes. It’s simply a bad thing,” Mats Rosselli Olsen told Viaplay after the second half.

However, there must be more errors. Johannes Johanssen started the third period by incurring the expulsion by sending a puck over the gauntlet. A few seconds later it was 4-0 after Joel Jeremiah took advantage.

Jerry Salinen gave the Finns a great start with their 5-0 goal at the end of the last half.

Finland, who lost the World Cup final last year to Canada, have lost a number of players preoccupied with the Stanley Cup. They beat Norway 5-2 during last year’s World Cup.

Viaplay’s experts, Alexander Ponsaksen and Roy Johansen, impressed one of the Norwegians at the start of the World Cup: goalkeeper Henrik Hokland.

Johansen thinks he’s the best goalkeeper that really allows us to beat the big guys.

“He was absolutely formidable,” Bonsaxen said of Hawkland, who saved 27 times.

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note! On Sunday morning Norway will face Great Britain, and on Monday afternoon Latvia will be waiting.

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