Now they have been evicted from Frogmore Cottage

Now they have been evicted from Frogmore Cottage

In March, news came that Prince Harry, 38, and Duchess Meghan, 41, were going You lose the right to use Frogmore Cottagewhich served as the couple’s home when they visited the UK.

The house is on the royal family’s estate near Windsor Castle outside London. Harry and Meghan are said to have already been told in January that they had to move all of their belongings from the property.

Rasser: – He’ll take them

Now a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirms that the couple has officially left Frogmore, he writes Sky News.

Prior to the eviction, the couple had spent £2.4 million, just over NOK 32 million, on renovating the house. The money came from public funds, and they have now paid the full amount.

Prince Harry and Meghan were surprised at a basketball match in Los Angeles. Tiktok video / red runner
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will not confirm

When the news first came out, several British media outlets wrote that they had been asked to leave the historic home, in favor of King Charles’ brother, Prince Andrew. In recent years, he has become a controversial member of the royal family.

- The royal family has completely failed

– The royal family has completely failed

This is due to accusations of abuse by Virginia Roberts Jeffrey, 39, who alleged she was trafficked and abused under the supervision of the late businessman Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew was among the accused.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson did not want to confirm who would be staying at Frogmore Cottage, despite the speculation.

Queen Camilla received a rather unusual gift. Correspondent: Nora Skafog/Rod Looper. Video: Tiktok/@_tomsteel.
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provoke the king

Before Christmas 2022, the documentary series “Harry & Meghan” appeared on Netflix, and shortly after Prince published the book “Spare”. In both the book and the series, he and his wife make a number of revealing claims against the rest of the royal family.

This must not have gone down well with the royal family, and led to what was already a volatile relationship only getting worse. Dret al must be the reason to the fact that the couple is not allowed to use Frogmore anymore.

Setting fire to divorce rumors

Setting fire to divorce rumors

– Harry and Meghan provoked King Charles with Harry’s shameful book and their interviews, author and former BBC journalist Tom Power (75) said earlier.

This is how Nora Hawkland and Marius Borg-Hube are in private. Video: Nora Skafog, Instagram / @norahaukland / @mariusborg, “Love Island Norge” / TV 2.
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He also wondered what Prince Harry was actually expecting.

– Harry wanted the royal family to beg for his forgiveness, but he crossed the line and now looks like a confused victim.

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