Now this is high on many people’s wish lists

Now this is high on many people's wish lists

Although snow awaits in large parts of the country, many of us have gone out to a car with road ice several times in the morning. It also often means a cold start to the day.

Then it’s a good idea to get into a car with heated seats. And if you’re very lucky: with heat at the wheel.

I started with the most expensive ones

While heated seats really started to make themselves known in the 1980s, it took a few decades before heated steering wheels became commonplace.

As with a lot of other things: I started out with the most expensive cars. Then it also became available in more popular price ranges. Now this is very popular and high on the wish list of many new car buyers. Yes, for someone who also wants a used car.

This consumes a lot of electricity in the car

Hot or not?

This is relatively inexpensive equipment to produce and often costs little to order as additional equipment. But at the same time, the market is limited, and this is important mainly in countries with winters. Therefore, some car manufacturers may also think that they do not need to take the trouble to introduce it.

But not everyone thinks heated seats and heated steering wheels are important. We discuss exactly that in the latest episode of BroomPodden, the podcast for Broom. Where the majority thinks this equipment is hot, an editorial member thinks it is not.

why? You’ll hear more about it at BroomPodden below:

Spending billions on equipment that nobody wants

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