– That’s not right – VG

- That's not right - VG

Red Bull felt compelled to issue a press release after the altercation at the Brazilian Grand Prix – but Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen is clear that what was revealed is not true.


In the live feed from Brazil last weekend, we could hear how Red Bull management asked Max Verstappen to let team-mate Sergio Pérez (32) overtake him – raising the prospect of the Mexican taking a World Cup silver, behind Verstappen, who had already secured a World Cup silver. Already on gold.

Verstappen didn’t let his Red Bull teammate pass him.

– Max, let Checo pass, please, asks race engineer Gianpiero Lampiasi.

But Verstappen just drives to the finish line, without following orders.

– Max, what happened?

Verstappen replies:

– I said it last time. Don’t ask me again, okay? I said why as I stand by her.

Sergio Pérez stated afterwards in an interview shown by Viaplay that he was surprised Verstappen had not done as the Red Bull management had asked him to:

The case has since become a huge issue on social media. The instigation was largely directed against Verstappen, but there has also been speculation about whether this was revenge for Perez who allegedly crashed on purpose in qualifying in Monaco earlier this year. You can read Viaplay expert Stein Pettersen on formel-1.no about it.

On Thursday, Max Verstappen slammed social media and traditional media. He was particularly concerned that even his immediate family had received death threats and hate mail as a result of the Brazil incident.

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In the middle of the week, Red Bull felt compelled to issue a press release explaining what had happened.

He said, among other things, that Verstappen was not told to let Perez through until the last corner. Red Bull also wrote that the world champion was left in a “compromising position with little time to react, which was not our intention”.

Viaplay Supporting this claim is that Verstappen was not notified until the last minute – and appears on the plates from the race with real-time communication (usually on TV delays). In these photos, something completely different is visible.

Here is the Viaplay video again, here you just have to listen to what is being said:

– What Red Bull says in its statement is not true, Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen tells VG.

– Already in turn 7 on the last lap, Verstappen was told that he had to pass Perez if he was not able to pass Alonso before turn 12. After turn 12, Verstappen received several messages to pass Perez, which he did not do. There is video evidence of all this, says Gulbrandsen.

On social media, there are a number of Formula 1 fans who have made the same point as Gulbrandsen and Viaplay.

What do you think of Red Bull and Verstappen’s statements about the net after that?

– If you want to get rid of the networks, it is important that the teams also give the correct information and do not provoke the fans unnecessarily, says Atle Gulbrandsen.

Here you can read the full press release from Red Bull.

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In Abu Dhabi on Sunday, Verstappen has the best starting track – with Sergio Perez on the second-best track.

– Max has done a good job for me, said Sergio Perez after Saturday’s qualifiers.

He is level on points with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc going into the final race.

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