Now we think we understand the Apple iPad plans

Now we think we understand the Apple iPad plans

An exciting code has been revealed in WebKit, the engine behind Apple’s Safari browser.

Now we think we understand Apple’s plans

It refers to the mysterious “multitasking mode” in the code. It is now expected if this is something the user should activate, i.e. in the same way you can activate Samsung’s DeX mode, only that this starts a Windows-like interface with the possibility of having several applications with users’ own choices regarding their windows, sizes.

That’s at least what Steve Troton-Smith thinks. Smith is an iOS expert and explains:

Multitasking mode appears to be something that can be changed while you’re driving, so apps can get in and out of it. I can imagine something like “tablet mode” in Windows 10 where you can switch at any time to restructure the touch, mouse, and keyboard user interface. “

Is a 15-inch iPad Pro on the way?

The theory is reinforced by the fact that WebKit frequently indicates that Safari has to see if this mode is on or off – in other words, Safari changes with respect to what is selected, including that you may be able to choose what size it should be The app you have on iPadOS.

Part of the problem with this is that Apple only offers 11 and 12.9. sizes on Pro tablets (another question is if only Pro models get this, in part because of the RAM). 11″ would be more than small for many of the windows upstairs, but what if there was a 15″ iPad this fall? In any case, there is talk of a design revamp, and then it makes sense to increase the screen size at the same time as the iPadOS 16 launch in September.

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The answer to whether there will be such a mode as we hope it will work, we have already arrived on June 6.

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