Nuclear energy is part of the solution, not the problem

Nuclear energy is part of the solution, not the problem
  • Cinder Schollingsberg (20)

    Member of the Board of Directors of Hamar Unge Høyre

The photo shows the Grohnde Nuclear Power Plant in Emmerthal in northwest Germany.

The energy crisis is just the beginning of a global energy shortage.

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Nuclear Energy Better for the environment From solar and wind energy. It does not require major interventions in nature that lead to a loss of biodiversity. At the same time, emissions are reduced worldwide.

The energy crisis is just the beginning of a global energy shortage. That’s why we need nuclear power now!

part of the future

It’s great with short term power packs. But nuclear power is better in the long run. Energy packages cannot be converted into fixed and temporary measures when the price of electricity is too high. Nuclear power can be a permanent solution to lower electricity prices.

It’s like salary: we want it to be stable and predictable, so you know what you can expect each month after you pay the fixed expenses. If one of your fixed expenses suddenly triples, it will affect both social and financial.

Energy demand will increase

With the increasing energy needs of society, we must also plan for the future. This is where I think nuclear power should enter Norway’s energy mix.

Increased growth, electrification of the shelves, and new industry will lead to the country’s energy deficit, if Statnett is right analyze it.

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A society that badly needs an increase in electric power, but does not develop stable and renewable sources, will lose its competitive advantage in energy-intensive industries.

Over time, this will lead to fewer jobs, and at the same time, more people will have to pay higher electricity bills.

Nuclear energy is the solution

Energy policy is more than just economics. There is also a social policy. that people
Losing my job and getting real wage growth poorer are just some of the potential consequences I fear.

These are some of the reasons why I support nuclear power. If you care about the issue of climate and the environment, stable electricity prices for Norwegian society and jobs, you should be. Nuclear energy is part of the solution, not the problem.

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