Nuclear physicist Sunniva Rose was introduced as a “blogger” at an energy conference – NRK Vestland

Nuclear physicist Sunniva Rose was introduced as a “blogger” at an energy conference – NRK Vestland

On Tuesday, nuclear physicist Sanifa Rose attended the 2023 Norwegian Energy Conference in Stavanger.

There she was going to give a lecture on nuclear energy in Norway.

Rose has a Ph.D. and is Director of Communications at Norsk Kjernekraft AS. But when it was her turn to give a lecture, she was introduced as a “blogger”.

– It is clear that I am not invited there, because I am a blogger. When I’m only referred to as a blogger in such a place, it’s a complete shattering of mine, she says, and says she’s so surprised.

In the same group as her, there were only male speakers. She says they were all provided with their professional background.

– It’s so big now that I can’t let go.

Rose says the first thing she said off stage was that she already has a blog, but she also has a PhD in nuclear physics, studied various fuels and waste production, and is the director of communications at Norsk kærnkraft A.S.

– I don’t think this would have happened if I were a man.

The conference is organized by the University of Stavanger.

It’s a pity that Rose wasn’t presented in a good way. Oystein Lundbaugh says she has experience that is relevant to what we do and to this conference.

He is Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Stavanger.

Bø was not present when Rose was introduced, but explained that they are trying to have a slightly humorous touch at this convention.

– It’s probably a little wrong, he says and adds that they’d like to invite her again and “present her properly”.

– It is important to give notice

Rose wonders why the people in the room should listen to a blogger when the topic is how to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The nuclear physicist stresses that she does not believe anyone has evil intentions, but notes that it is not the first time she has encountered such an introduction.

For example, from a conference presented by Rose as a blogger on her website. When I messaged and reported, the text was changed immediately.

Now the nuclear physicist wants to educate others.

She believes it is important not to be embarrassed, but to deal with it when things like this happen.

– It’s important that you do that. I would encourage everyone to do so. Say I am here and this is my experience.

Rose notes that she has been running a blog for many years. She also called herself the “Pink Blogger”.

– I owned that address, but I’ve always been a pink blogger And Nuclear physicist and use it in contrast.

It’s perfectly fine to mention that she also blogs, Rose confirms.

– But I am invited there because I know something interesting to hear. The audience is not interested in opening a blog.

Sunniva Rose is tired of being presented as a blogger only when she has to talk about nuclear energy.

A shared frustration: Sniva Rose herself mentioned the incident on Instagram.

Photo: fax from Instagram

Others identify themselves

The nuclear physicist notes that she has previously participated in conferences dealing with the publication of research.

then Is it appropriate that I have been running a blog for many years.

In an Instagram video, Rose talks about the experience.

In the comments section, you get support from Isabelle Ringnes, among others. She writes that she recognizes herself and that she herself experienced sloppy introductions.

“I feel you! You’ve heard it: Bryggeridatter, luscious heiress and what not as introductions rather than a title and a profession. It’s often meant as a glint in the eye, but it creates more uncertainty and drops the height (because everyone waits a bit to not hit a good level) when you don’t get On a proper introduction. I love that you have the title of roseblogger, but you are so much more than that!”

Rose says she’s sure the conference organizer didn’t try to demote her.

—but that is why it is important that we talk about it, precisely to gain awareness that we may do it more with women than with men.

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