und-Leben.de – Diocese of Münster: Anmeldung zur Messdienerwallfahrt nach Rom began

und-Leben.de – Diocese of Münster: Anmeldung zur Messdienerwallfahrt nach Rom began

Die Beret 13. Find Internationale Messdienerwallfahrt next year in Rome. Interested persons from the Diocese of Munster can register immediately through their office in Farborough. Key links and data are found in this article.

The application window for Messdienerwallfahrt 2024 is now open. It belongs to the Pastoral Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia and is part of Paestum-Münster. From July 27 to August 3, 2024, about 50,000 Messdiener aus der ganzen Welt are expected to arrive in Rome.

Many highlights of the program await the attendees and celebrants of the Mass during the Rome Pilgrimage, including a private audience with Pope Francis in Peter’s Square, a tour of the city and meetings with other attendees from around the world. Young pilgrims and swimmers from Bistum Münster enjoy one of the best services with the Bistumsgroup and the Exflug zum Strand machine, made available to you by the company Vechta Publichtden Pressemitteilung.

Die Eckdaten zur Messdiener Wallfahrt 2024

This messenger werden in hotels or kirchlichen Gästehäusern untergebracht, die Gut and in öffentlichen Nahverkehr Roms angebunden sein soin solen, heißt es in der Mitteilung. The travel price of 700 euros per person includes, among other things, a return trip with coach, five nights with breakfast buffet and lunch packages, a weekly travel card for local transport and a Hajj package.

Die Preise zur Messdiener Wallfahrt 2024 seien im Vergleich zur Prielle Veranstaltung deutlich gestiegen, heißt es auf der Website of Bestum Münster. This lies in the high cost of bus transportation and the increased cost of accommodation and food in Rome.

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Anmeldungen bis zum February 10 may be

Registration for the trip, organized by Emmaus-Reisen, einem Partner von Kirche-und-Leben.de, is possible until February 10 and as a group only. Die Massdieners must sign in at the regional parish office or in Verbindung with the responsible person.

More information See this page Bishop Munster And December Official Fishta.

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