The Tesla Cybertruck has finally launched — at a 50 percent higher price

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally launched — at a 50 percent higher price

It’s been exactly four years since Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the company’s first electric pickup truck — which doesn’t look like any pickup truck at all.

The car, named Cybertruck, is made of stainless steel and must be very strong. Musk claimed the windows were “unbreakable,” then smashed them with a steel ball during the demonstration.

And now the first Cybertrucks have been delivered to sick customers. Musk took to the stage in Texas to announce the news, which was broadcast live X.

-Every now and then a rare product comes along, something really special. “We will remember these special moments,” Musk told a crowd of fans and some of the car’s first owners.

– Here we have a car that experts said would never be made. I think this is our best product.

Big jump in prices

When Tesla presented its third-quarter numbers, it turned out that only a handful of Cybertrucks would be delivered this year and next. Only in 2025 will they be able to offer significantly more.

Prices will start at $60,990, which is 50 percent more than what Musk originally said it would cost in 2019, according to Bloomberg. Reuters. In Norwegian krone, the starting price corresponds to around 650,000 NOK.

More than $1 million paid $100 to reserve the car when the Tesla boss said prices would be around $40,000. Now it costs $250 to reserve, according to Musk.

– Finally, the future will look like the future, he says.

Tesla shares fell about 1% in preliminary trading on Wall Street. But so far this year, the stock price is up more than 90 percent.

Big difference between models

The truck comes in three variants, with the cheapest having a range of around 400km and a starting price of US$60,990.

Musk did not talk about delivery dates for the cars during the presentation, but the cheapest ones will not be available until 2025, according to the Tesla website.

If you spend another $20,000, you’ll get all-wheel drive and a range of about 550 kilometres. The top model, dubbed “Cyberbeast,” is priced at $99,990 and has a range of 515 kilometres. The 3.1-tonne car accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.7 seconds, while its top speed reaches 209 kilometers per hour.

Both cars should be available for delivery in 2024, as stated on the website.

This will certainly attract wealthy customers who can afford the price level, and who want something unique and special, says auto analyst Jessica Caldwell at Edmunds, according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported. Market monitoring.

– You believe that there is by no means a large percentage of the population able to afford it, especially given the level of interest rates.

During yesterday’s show, Musk recalled the time he smashed the window of a Cybertruck with a steel ball. This time a ball was again thrown at the car – but a lighter baseball which naturally caused no damage.

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