Brian Jonestown Massacre: Battle for the Arena:

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Battle for the Arena:

A huge brawl broke out during a packed concert at The Brian Jonestown Massacre concert in Melbourne, Australia last week. He writes, among other things Sky News.

Party Chaos: A branch of 1 million

On the other hand, it was not the heartbreak that broke out in the audience, but on stage between singer Anton Newcombe (56) and guitarist Ryan Van Kriedt.

Cool: Anton Newcomb is the leader of the American band.  Photo: RMV/REX/NTP

Cool: Anton Newcomb is the leader of the American band. Photo: RMV/REX/NTP
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according to New York Post It is said that Newcomb suddenly wanted the guitarist to leave the stage.

– There will be no more music until you leave the stage. We don’t need you, go,’ the singer said during the concert.

- I should have died

– I should have died

Furthermore, the site writes, Van Kriedt asked Newcomb to carefully consider whether he really meant what he just said. And then chaos broke out.

Shocked fans reportedly saw Newcombe swing the guitar at Van Kredt’s head, before chasing the guitarist across the stage.

Other band members and security guards at the venue are said to have tried to stop the fighting. Eventually, the bouncers took control of the situation, and the guitarist then walked off the stage, while Newcombe stayed behind, screaming.

This is where things go wrong for Brazilian rapper Djunga during a concert. Video: Instagram/@djongador. Reporter: Annabel Brun/Dagbladet TV
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As a result of the incident, the audience booed and threw bottles on the stage. At the same time, the ongoing concert was halted, while the rest of the band’s concerts in Australia were cancelled.

It is not known why the fight occurred, but according to the website, Newcomb reportedly opened the party by saying that he had been threatened with a knife earlier that day, which left him feeling “tired and emotional.”

The band members have not yet commented on the incident.

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