Nyhende, Business | He receives a million dollar contract with Bolidin

Nyhende, Business |  He receives a million dollar contract with Bolidin

The contract relates to the total technical supply of piping systems and is valued at approximately NOK 20 million. Headquartered in Kvinnherad, BKS Industry is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eqva ASA Group, which also consists of Havyard Leirvik and Fossberg Kraft.

The delivery is part of Boliden’s expansion of the zinc plant in Eitrheimsneset, where production is set to nearly double, while, according to Boliden, the CO2 intensity will be reduced by 15 percent from an already world-leading site.

In addition, processes need to be modernized with an increased focus on digitization and automation.

Eqva and BKS describe their contract as another mission to make Norway’s energy-intensive and shipping industry more climate-friendly.

According to the company, the demand for this expertise is growing, and it is assumed that such climate and environmental projects will make up a larger part of the business in the coming years.

– The contract is another result of BKS positioning itself as a good partner for players in energy-intensive industries, says Tore Thorkildsen, Sales Director at BKS, in a press release.

The contract will be recognized as income in 2023 and the first half of 2024 – and entails a further build-up of order reserves in Eqva’s Products, Solutions & Solutions business area. Renewable sources.

In all, so far in 2023, new orders and invitations for framework agreements worth more than NOK 300 million have been entered into this line of business.

Green Zinc Oda 4.0.0 Update

Poliden Oda was founded under the name Det Norske Zinkkompani in 1924 and thus has been producing zinc for nearly 100 years.

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The Boliden Odda expansion project is named Green Zink Odda 4.0. It will almost double the zinc production capacity. In 2024, the plant will be able to produce 350,000 tons of zinc annually.

The project started in 2021 and will continue until spring 2024 and has an investment framework of approx. NOK 8.7 billion.

2023 has been identified as the key construction year when an estimated 1,000 workers associated with the project will be employed.

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