Raw chicken: breeds designated for this purpose:

Raw chicken: breeds designated for this purpose:

A woman named Nirumbi Marshall is in trouble after she was served a raw chicken burger at fast food chain Checkers.

Jam Press news agency reported.

– It was disgusting. “I was very angry,” Nyirombe-Marshall told the agency after visiting the restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

Removed parquet – got back

I crept up

The young woman says she was sitting in the car following the foreman, and was “about to grab a quick bite to eat” when she made the disturbing discovery.

– I was very hungry, so I took a big bite of the burger. Then I felt the raw meat on my teeth, continuing to jam.

Marshall says she swallowed raw chicken the moment she realized the poultry wasn’t fully cooked.

– It was terrible, I wanted to vomit, and she continues.

The slightly disappointed woman did not hesitate to take several photos of the burger, and also filmed a clip on TikTok where you can clearly see the pink chicken meat.

At the time of writing, the post has been viewed more than a million times, and received 225,000 likes.

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Creates reactions

Reactions were not long in coming after the burger boom appeared on social media.

– Go to the hospital now, writes one follower.

– I’m going crazy. This is too bad, writes another.

Many attacked the US fast food chain, saying it “should go to court”.

Marshall herself says she has contacted the restaurant in question, and is still waiting for a response. Leejam claims the restaurant started following her on TikTok shortly after she posted the clip.

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This is punished by: - ​​The worst I have seen

This is punished by: – ​​The worst I have seen

Jam Press has been in contact with the restaurant serving the chicken burger. They say they are “investigating the matter,” but do not wish to comment further on the incident.

– He’s still angry

Norwegian Food Safety Authority He previously told Dagbladet Raw chicken may contain pathogenic bacteria that cause gastrointestinal infections. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s advice is that poultry should be well cooked or undercooked.

In the TikTok clip, Marshall says it’s lucky the chicken didn’t make her sick, but the idea made her very sick.

“Fortunately, things went well, but I was still upset,” she says in the video.

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