OBOS League, SK Brann | Bran is back after being humiliated by a 19-year-old: – Totally reckless

OBOS League, SK Brann |  Bran is back after being humiliated by a 19-year-old: - Totally reckless

Bran – Stabuck 1-1:

19-year-old Gift Urban sent Stubek up front with a superb solo raid just before the break as he eluded the entire Bran defense, struggling with the red shirts for a long time to find their way into the net for the lead on Sunday. A match in the Obos League.

But after a strong push from Bran in the second half, the home team finally managed to score the ball into the goal. Substitute Bard Finn narrowly missed the ball in the 79th minute.

Thus, Bran avoided the first loss of the season in the Opus League, but the club’s winning streak was broken by nine games. Bran is still the Premier League leader in the Opus League, and has nine points ahead of Stapek in second place in the table.

– Spinnvill scoring

The first 45 minutes were relatively even, with Bran taking control of most of the court matches after a while.

Oliver Edvardsen and Oni Higebo had good chances to send their teams up front, but the ball did not go into goal.

Bran eventually pulled off the most shots and risks, but just before the break it was the guest Orban who sent Stabek up front with a superb goal.

The 19-year-old did almost everything himself when he stole the ball outside Bran’s penalty area. He was good and lucky when he got past Bran’s defense, and suddenly he’s alone with the goalkeeper.

Urban then turned the goalkeeper with a fine pull, before rolling the ball into the open goal.

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– To get a great result from Gift Urban. Dodge nearly the entire Brann team in the stands, exclaimed Discovery commentator Amund Lutnæs.

fire is back

The result was the 19-year-old’s third this season. In the middle of the week he scored two goals against Stjørdals-Blink.

– For this gift, Emmanuel Orban is for this Stabæk team, Lutnæs said.

Stabæk coach Eric Keono revealed during the break that he was unhappy with Orban’s performance in the first half, before firing in with a beautiful goal.

– I was really frustrated with him throughout the tour, and I almost intended to replace him, but all of a sudden he showed up with that. Coach told Discovery there was some magic in that.

Bran coach Eric Hornland took the lead during the break and made three changes. It should pay off.

The host team pressed in the second half, and was very close to scoring by Casper Skanez midway through the game.

In the 79th minute, Bran should finally succeed. Substitute Finn narrowly narrowed down the right flank in the penalty area, and the difficult finish went under the supervision of goalkeeper Stubek Sandberg and entered the goal.

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