Obos League, Skid | New Skeid slump: – They stand and look at each other

Obos League, Skid |  New Skeid slump: – They stand and look at each other

Nordrey Essen (Netavisen): Friday’s game was very important for both teams. In the final position decided, with six straight losses and nine points to the qualifying position, Skid was entirely reliant on winning to have any chance of maintaining his place.

Assane, on the other hand, was in the infamous qualifying position, two goals better on goal difference than Hood on the wrong side of the line.

The beginning of the nightmare

The match started in the worst possible way for the home team. Just under three minutes later, Håkon Sjåtil broke free from the right and scored. In the first engagement, Erling Myklebust had to stand on his own and score 0-1 for the guests.

-Skeid’s players stand and look at each other, Haakon Thon comments about the home team’s (lack of) defensive play.

Watch the exchange of players by clicking on “Lineup” in the window below:

Two degrees fast

Aside from scoring, the first 20 minutes were relatively even. Until Skid pulled the dream attack out of his hat.

Marcos Melchior passed the ball to Johnny Boduson who passed to Souleymane Bojang at full speed on the right flank. With a powerful, precise cross, he found Noah Williams alone in the penalty area, who could easily score the Skades’ first goal under Arne Erlandsen.

But the tie was of the short-lived kind.

And just over a minute after the equalizing goal, a long ball was smashed into Skid. After a duel, the ball ended up in the hands of the somewhat unlucky Taj Johansen, and referee Martin Berg pointed to the penalty spot. Penalty for my tongue!

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Safe from the penalty spot

The penalty looked just right, and Christopher Barmen easily sent the ball into the net on his debut for Åsane.

1-2 for the guests!

Just before half-time, Skid again made a good move forward down the right flank. Solomon Bojang was brought down inside the 16-metre box, but referee Berg waved the game away, amid huge protests from the Skid bench.

Thus, the teams went to the locker room with a score of 1-2 to the visitors from Bergen.

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Big chance

The first quarter of the half was uneventful. Asane lay low and defended well, Skid struggling to play through the white defensive wall.

After the 65th minute, the first chance came in the first half, and it was a great chance. Noah Williams played Ole Songot for the first time alone with Assane goalkeeper Edar Lisgaard, but the shot went straight in at the last chance.

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The nail in the coffin

Ten minutes before the end of the match, Sked had to invest more in attack – just three points could actually keep the dream of continuing to play in the OBOS League alive when the calendar year is 2024. This naturally opened up more scope for Åsane.

After 85 minutes, Mame Ndiaye sealed the win for the visitors, so the hosts may have been relegated as well. After playing well on the left, Diederik Frederiksen hit the post, and on the field N’Diaye was ready to take an easy 1-3 lead wide.

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There were no more goals, and so the match ended 1–3 at Nordrey Essen.

– Our best match

After the match, Arne Erlandsen was satisfied with his team’s performance.

Today I see players who want to improve and show enthusiasm. They are trying to achieve what we want, and we also have to improve. At least we are a team going forward, even if we are disappointed with the result. We concede easy goals and we don’t accept the penalty kick. We’ve got a lot to go on, but this was a step in the right direction – even if it seems stupid when we’re down 3-1, Erlandsen analyzes after the end of the match.

He believes the team has something to go on, especially offensively.

We have very few touches, despite going into the penalty area more than we did before. In any case, we must improve all stages of the game, he says.

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– I haven’t taken up the task after setting the table

– But now it’s hard on the landing, Arnie?

– I did not accept this job after I looked at the table. I think it’s interesting to work with players who want to improve, and we saw that today. We’ve taken some steps today, and you have to think that you’re doing it every time you do the activity.

– But maybe I’ve talked about the way forward for you after the season you’ve been hired? If it continues to drop?

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– No, that’s not interesting. I will work with the team and the individual players, we have a better team. We have to get some things out of the way and get better at working together. Our acuity and passing are improving, so we need to be a little bit better at entering the penalty area and playing forward, as well as cleaning up the other things that cause us to lose.

will not confirm

But there will be a downturn anyway after every sun. Erlandsen will not confirm or deny whether he wants to continue in 2024.

– I work with people and I love it – no matter if it’s with Skid or with my kids. I like it, it keeps me young in mind and body, he smiles enigmatically.

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