The woman was murdered in her room: she died of her injuries

The woman was murdered in her room: she died of her injuries

(grandfather): On Tuesday morning, the Innlandet Police District wrote in a press release that the relatives of the woman who died in Fefor Høifjellshotell on Saturday had been notified.

The deceased woman was in her 30s and a Latvian citizen.

The accused, who is in his 30s and is from Serbia, was interrogated on Monday. He admitted to killing the woman, but did not decide the issue of criminal guilt.

The accused was cooperative and explained yesterday about the incident itself and his relationship with the deceased woman, according to police.

The preliminary autopsy report states that the woman died as a result of the stab wounds she sustained. This is consistent with what the accused explained during interrogation. The police say that it was the accused himself who reported the incident to the police.

This is the situation

On Saturday evening, a woman was found dead in Fefor Høifjellshotell in Nord-Fron municipality.

A man was arrested when the woman was found and charged with murder the next day. The accused himself reported the incident.

Both the accused and the deceased worked at the hotel.

Both were foreign nationals.

The accused confessed to the murder and was detained for four weeks.

On Sunday, police seized what is believed to be the murder weapon.

It happened in the woman's room

Police prosecutor Tore Martin Subak Gundersen told GD on Tuesday that the woman's murder happened in her room. The accused called the police about the murder at 9.30pm on Saturday. The accused explained that he called the police very quickly after the murder.

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Gundersen says police don't want to say more about the defendant's explanation other than the fact that he admitted to the facts.

He explained that he stabbed the woman with a knife. The knife was seized.

The police do not want to clarify more about the murder weapon at the present time, and indicate that there are still interviews with some witnesses related to this matter.

-Do you know more about the relationship between the two?

– They worked together at the hotel and didn't know each other before. They did not have a close relationship, but they were colleagues at the hotel. We have received information that the accused came to the hotel in June last year and that he worked here for several periods. The last period was mid-December. The woman has worked here longer than he has, Gundersen tells GD.

Police wrote in the news release that they are still fully working on the investigation.

– Field investigations will also be conducted throughout the day and several interviews will be conducted. The police report stated that several seizures had been made and would be reviewed.

He explained that he was drunk

When Gundersen was asked about the motive behind the killing, he said that they would not go into detail about this matter at this time.

– The investigation is at an early stage and we only interrogated the accused once. Whether there are conflicts is something we will investigate further.

The police agent indicates that the accused himself explained that he was drunk, and this will be explained in more detail when the results of the blood test appear.

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The defendant's defender, Anders Gustav Björnsen, told GD that alcohol seemed to be an important explanation for the course of events.

“It made clear that there had been a significant amount of alcohol consumption,” says Björnsen.

Bjornsen is currently working to contact the embassy to inform the accused's family of what happened.

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The woman's next of kin have been notified. They don't want to come out with their name and image.

Gundersen says police have now completed their forensic investigations, but will now complete searches of the two rooms involved.

The focus of the police in the future will be to determine the extent of the accused's guilt, where, among other things, a full forensic psychological examination will be conducted, information about the accused will be collected and people who can provide information about his background will be questioned, according to the press release dated Tuesday.

On Monday, the accused was imprisoned for four weeks, including two weeks with a ban on messages and visits.

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