Kate Beckinsale – Responding to the rumours:

Kate Beckinsale – Responding to the rumours:

Actress Kate Beckinsale made a comeback on the red carpet in New York on Thursday. She has seemed to have evaporated from the public since she shared photos from the mysterious hospital in March.

Her Instagram post received a lot of attention, as she did not share why she was hospitalized or when the photos were taken.

– What the hell are you doing in the hospital, Kate? I wish you peace and good health, one of her followers wrote at the time, according to Look and listen.

The post was later deleted.

And now the 50-year-old is once again getting a lot of attention on social media. But this time, it's not what Beckinsale wants.

– I hate talking about this matter, because I don't want to add anything to the discussion. But I do, because all insidious bullying takes its toll over time, the actor writes in a frank manner Instagram posts Sunday.

It doesn't look like that anymore

– stop now

Beckinsale points out speculation about whether she had plastic surgery, and whether that was the reason for her hospital stay.

In the post, she spoke openly about the fact that she has repeatedly been accused of voluntarily undergoing surgery in recent decades. She shared two videos taken 20 years apart, where she clearly went through changes.

– Whenever I post something (…) I am accused of having plastic surgery, Botox, or fillers, and of being obsessed with looking younger. “It's a very tiring and vicious way to bully someone,” she writes.

FILE: Kate Beckinsale got a lot of attention when she posted photos from her hospital bed.  picture;  Instagram/katebykinesel

FILE: Kate Beckinsale got a lot of attention when she posted photos from her hospital bed. picture; Instagram/katebykinesel
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The actress says she often sees comments like “Oh my god, you're unrecognizable”, “plastic” and “You don't look like yourself anymore.” According to her, women usually leave comments, and this happens “constantly.”

– Obviously I'm getting older, everyone gets older. I'm not worried about aging, because I found my father dead when I was five years old.

Beckinsale uses the two videos to show how her appearance has changed over time, and how that happened.

Among other things, she says that in her younger days she lived in Great Britain, which made her skin paler. The 50-year-old also adds that she had a fuller face and grew more eyebrows in her 20s, and that she had a completely different makeup routine than she does today.

“Please stop now,” Beckinsale writes about the speculation.

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During Thursday's King's Trust gala, the 50-year-old revealed the opposite the people She “had a difficult year.”

-Both because my parents were in bad shape, and my cat. Beckinsale admits it was a combination of things.

He rushed to the hospital

He rushed to the hospital

In January at the latest, the actress had to rush from the Golden Globe Awards to the hospital, when a member of her family was admitted.

Sjogren's: Take these signs seriously

Sjogren's: Take these signs seriously

However, she doesn't think she's the only one who's had a tough year.

– That's why it's nice to come here and see friends again, and get some perspective on this topic, says the actor on the red carpet.

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