Oda Gondrosen, MGP finalist: – I went constantly and was afraid of death

Oda Gondrosen, MGP finalist: - I went constantly and was afraid of death

Oda Gondrosen (25) of Fredrikstad is one of those who will compete in the Melody Grand Prix final on Saturday.

Despite the fact that music was a huge part of her life, it wasn’t always what she thought she should be doing.

– Maybe this is not something for me?

When Gondrosen was 16, she participated in Idol, and two years later she was seen on The Voice. After that, calm prevailed about the artist.

– The Voice didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to. I smoked before the live broadcast. I’m kind of a little broke. says Gondrossen, and I thought maybe that’s not a thing for me anyway.

After that, she chooses to shelve the artist’s dream, and instead begins studying.

I have always heard that you should have a proper education that you can refer to. So it was only natural for me to apply to nursing, Gondrosen says.

A lot of time is spent on training, exams and reading. And the music for the former singing girl from Fredrikstad disappears.

From cancer nurse to health concern

After graduation, Gondrosen began working in a cancer ward. She says that although she enjoyed her job, the work affected her more than she thought.

– I thought a lot about patients and read income diaries, where I read their entire medical history. And he became too afraid that he would get sick himself, says Gondrosen.

Especially in the evening she was awake, thinking of her illnesses. She could wake up at night and feel her lymph nodes for fear of developing lymphoma.

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– I felt my body and walked constantly and was afraid to die, she says.

Jandros had a health concern.

– I didn’t work. It was just an eternal mess in my head the whole time. When I wasn’t at work I thought I was sick, and when I was at work I had cancer. She says this is the only thing that was around me.

The MGP finalist says she felt lonely with anxiety. She tried to hint at her colleagues, but realized that no one feels the same way.

In the end, she chose to change her job. In addition, she sought help from a psychologist. It will also encourage others in the same situation to do so.

– I thought I couldn’t sit with this alone. So it helped a lot, she says.

The music was still much of a rescue for the girl from Fredrikstad.

The phone that changed everything

After one year in the cancer ward, the MGP finalist changed his job to the emergency center. It was when she worked where she received a call from an idol.

– Then I haven’t sung in four years. I had left him, and I thought she was a nurse I was going to work with. I was very determined that I would never be involved in anything like this again. Gondrosen says, so I immediately dismissed this phone.

However, she soon felt that she responded too quickly.

There was a little voice inside me that said I should give her another chance. I think I needed this phone to be reminded that it’s music I’m playing, she says.

Gondrosen then left as a nurse to focus on music again.

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– As soon as I said yes to the idol, I regained my glow. And I noticed I put a part of me away. And when I saw so much suffering and how short life really can be, I had to appreciate it while I still could. Gondrosen says because I’m not sick.

control one’s life

After the artist quit her job as a nurse, health concerns almost completely disappeared. She says music has largely replaced where bad ideas used to be.

Now you will be competing in the MGP Final. And her song “Hammer of Thor” is about exactly that.

– For me, the song is just about taking control of my own life, something I did when I was in the situation I did in a cancer ward, and it just didn’t feel right. Gondrosen then concludes that it’s simply a matter of grabbing it and using life while you still have the chance.

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