– Offered to artist to decorate 36 gas stations – Viji

- Offered to artist to decorate 36 gas stations - Viji

Graphic Artist Wanted: The owner of a petrol station in Longang wants to give the graffiti artist behind this work at 36 petrol stations. Photo: Private

At first he was cursed. Then he had a clear idea. Now petrol station owner Joar Scorp, 42, hopes the graffiti artist who decorated the tank outside Orendel will make himself known.


I would like to offer the artist to decorate all 36 Tankan stations, says petrol station owner Joyer Scorp on the phone to Viji.

He had already gone out on Facebook and decorated the uninvited person at an unnoticed petrol station at Langam in Arendal, but the experiences were unbelievable.

Not a trap: – I mean, Tongan owner Jor Scorp insisted on a post he posted on Facebook. Photo: Private

– People think this is a trap, I only want to be contacted to punish the person who drew on the original logo. But I say this seriously: I would like to offer a graffiti artist to decorate 36 gas stations, Scorp insists.

Offers work: Tongan founder Joar Scorp is looking for a graffiti artist to decorate a gas station in Langkawi. Photo: Private

Morning shock

On Thursday morning, Scorp was shocked when he checked his mobile phone. Instead of an image of a red petrol station with the caption “Thought is Thought”, a graffiti theme shone from a head and text.

When I woke up, I got an MMS from the tanker driver who was wondering if I should change the logo. At first I thought he was joking, I did Photoshop drawing in the picture, but he says “No, no, it’s not like that”.

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The Shock News: Jor Scorp was angry at first, but was very happy about this MMS news of the tanker driver driving in the morning. Photo: Private

– How did you feel then?

– At first I was cursed that people could not leave things alone. But I took a coffee to relax and when I read the picture several times it was so awesome and I thought it was exactly the work done by someone I know here.

Unknown thought erupted. What if he, the entrepreneur, hired a graffiti artist instead of getting angry?

– I thought it would be nice to have his art in all the stations.

Before the film: The gas station was like this before the graffiti artist started. Photo: Private

So, Scorp is now looking for someone with spray cans. He emphasized that this was a serious offer.

– No trap

– Petrol stations should be painted every five years. I have to buy logos at the same time, it costs me 10,000 kroner per station. I can easily give this graffiti artist.

The artist should be given great freedom, he insists. And paid properly by appointment. But something must be added.

Lost logo: “Thought counts” appeared before graffiti. Photo: Private

– I want an advertising effect. The logo is now fully painted, and I want to bring out what the values ​​of thought are: “Thought counts.”

– What if people still think it’s a trap?

– If it had been a trap, I would have received negative publicity. Updating art at stations can be a good PR. Those people will stop looking at the graffiti and fill the tank at once. We do this at all stations.

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Confirms anonymity

On Friday morning, the gas station businessman boarded a four-hour car ride from his hometown of Stavanger to Longcomb. Before he arrives, he hopes the graffiti artist will get in touch.

– Go to our website Tanken.one Or Facebook. If the person signs, we will discuss the time and price of the painting. This is something I take seriously. If the artist wants to, his work, Scorp says.

– What if the artist is afraid to express himself?

– It is his choice whether he wants to be known in public or not. I can hide his identity if I am afraid that he will be recognized elsewhere. I would love to do this project with him.

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